Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As of Recently & Late

Oh, life is crazy. Hence, the not writing hardly at all for this month. I started my practicum at the end of October, finished mid-way in this month. Now, the semester is ending and I am rapidly trying to get all my work done. I have been a little scatterbrained lately to say the least. Oh yes and I have subbed several days in addition to everything. And tutoring too....

In the midst of all the craziness, however, I have done some fun things.

This past weekend, the lovely long Thanksgiving weekend:

-- Thanksgiving, which I wrote about through pictures in the previous post.

-- Did some Black Friday shopping, but in the afternoon. No, I am not one of those crazy crack of dawn shoppers. I think consumerism is out of hand in this country, especially when you hear about someone pepper spraying a crowd all over wanting some THING. Disgusting.... Anyway, I didn't go out for anything in particular but if I found some decent clothes on sale then I planned to buy them. Sadly, no luck with clothing (and no patience for the Kohl's checkout line that was about 1.5-2 hr long wait). Went to several stores and did buy a couple of items; later that day I braved JC Penney's at the mall with a cousin. She found some boots but I didn't have luck with anything - oh well! While most of the shopping trips did not amount to much, I did come across one big success (drumroll please!): a laptop! Yay! I am so glad that I found a quality laptop and for the price that I did ($629 before I added on insurance). I am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.... Perhaps tomorrow ;-)

--Trans Siberian Orchestra on the 28th with a wonderful cousin! My boss at work gave my sister two tickets to the show because she was not able to go (guess they had won them through a TV station). About an hour before heading off to the concert my sister decided not to go, and so I had to find someone to take up the second ticket. I called two family members and one was available! My cousin had been wanting to go for a long time so it worked out perfectly. Free tickets and fab seats! Ohhhh boy, let me tell ya... that was one heck of a concert! The music was awesome and I loved how the Christmas story was told. Very powerful. I will say, though, that the light show that accompanied the music was kind of overwhelming. Overall, great show and I am glad I had the opportunity to go! By the way, "Carol of the Bells" was the bomb.

Past few weeks:

-- My sister's bridal shower on November 13th. A few of my aunts and cousins put together a very cute hot chocolate themed bridal shower. Perfect for my sister! We celebrated her future as a bride, and of course showered her with many gifts. As the Maid of Honor I had my duty of making the bouquet out of ribbons and bows. I am quite pleased with how it came together :) My sis got lots of great gifts and all of us ladies had a great time together.

-- While my sister was gone to see her fiance graduate, Mom and I had a fun adventure to the PDX Airport to do a little shopping and for the heck of it. We have been to the airport several times this year but have not had time to shop. So, we hopped on the MAX and browsed the stores. Found some Christmas gifts in the Made in Oregon, and got to finally see the spectacular The Real Mother Goose store. We had a delicious dinner at Standfords -- ceasar salad, onion rings, tasty cheesy bread, and fries. Whew, I was stuffed! As we ate dinner we were amused with watching people and the tarmac, though it was a very slow night. We also laughed about my response to the host as he asked if we were flying out somewhere, I said without thinking, "No, we have been out here lots of times this year and wanted to come back to shop." Uh, who does that?! haha My mom suggested to say that we were waiting for someone or took someone. Yeah, much better idea than the one that came tumbling out of my mouth ;-)

-- Went on a wonderful walk at the library and got two cheap books, with the B. On one gorgeous Fall day, where I didn't have much time, B asked me to come to the library with him so I could see the pretty trees and check out the books on sale (got two books for $4.50). Truthfully, I didn't feel like going but was glad that I did afterwards. Sometimes he surprises me with what I need vs what I think I need or want.

Last week of October:

-- Halloween: I was determined to make a fun idea off of Pinterest and it came out fairly well.  I will have to try it again- was delicious:

-- Corn maize: B and one of his co-workers and I went to the corn maze on Sauvie Island. We got pretty lost in the maze but had a fun time! B's co-worker is from India and his family still lives over there so it was nice to be able to take him out. I am sure that is hard to be separated like that.

... And that is life summed up in the past month and a half. I only included the bigger events as you probably wouldn't want me to explain all that has happened in that time-- my planner looks like a wreck. I should take a picture of it sometime. Writing all over the place! haha But that is just Fall in Full Swing! Looking forward to slightly less hectic December, at least without school... things will be bustling for the Christmas season and the wedding. :) Lots going on these days.

Hope your Fall has been delightful!

*yes pictures to come... am so lazy with this. Promise they will show up at some point!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thankful Day

I don't think I could have said it better myself. A student this week said, after learning about the pilgrims coming to live in North America, "so it is a thankful day." I love how children say things so simply. They are profound lil beings sometimes.

Ah.... Where has the time gone and how did we get here? I will say, today was a wonderful day of being with loved ones. Life has been so hectic in these past few weeks, and in my partial emerged state of mind, it felt good to be around the people I care about. It was good to get a mental break, as there are plenty of little stressors. Putting those aside for a moment, here is how I spent Thanksgiving:

one of the beautifully decorated tables at my aunt & uncle's house
Granny's sweet potatoes cooking. Yuummm

we always have nut & chocolate cups (this year just chocolate!), thanks to Granny
my plate :)

Our contribution to Thanksgiving dessert, pilgrim hats. Thank you Pinterest!

Here is the link to website that was pinned on Pinterest. Just scroll down and you will see  how to make 'em. Very simple:  chocolate striped cookies, buttercream frosting, orange tic-tacs and mini-peanut butter cups. Yum!

While it is so easy to be absorbed with the comings and goings of life, it is good to reflect on what we have. With each class I have subbed for in this past week I have made the students say what they are thankful for. Since I have made them do it, I should too. Here is a small list (items in random order) -- I could write for days and days:

-- My health: So thankful to not be sick or have any major illnesses.
-- Education: Though I have loans, I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more and better myself. Not everyone gets this chance.
-- Cats: My two kitties make me smile everyday. I feel blessed to have such silly furry friends.
-- Family: Thankful for my immediate and extended family members. I am grateful that I have gotten to know some of these individuals better.
-- My two jobs: They wear me out some days but I am so thankful to have them. I enjoy being a tutor and a substitute teacher. Both have helped me to refine my teaching skills and grow in many ways.
-- My faith: Something I have not talked much about, truthfully, because it has not been real strong this year... but even when I struggle I am thankful that Jesus is patient with me. Even during this 'dry' time, I feel like some things are changing in my heart...
-- My car: Always thankful for my safe lil car. It gets me to and from with fairly good gas mileage.
-- Friends: Where would I be without my friends?! I don't get to see them as much as I would like, but I feel incredibly blessed to have them in my life. They are patient, kind, always have a listening ear, and make the dreary times bright again.
-- For the roof over my head: This is something I need to remind myself of everyday. There are lots and lots of people in the world that do not have this blessing.
-- The fact that I don't go hungry for days: Also something that is lacking in the world... I am so blessed to always have what I need.

Yes, I could write days on end about the blessings in my life. As I tell the students, even in the hardest of times, there is always something to be grateful for. Sometimes it is difficult to see and appreciate but those blessings are there....