Friday, July 8, 2011

5 on Friday: Great Blogs

Can you believe it, 3 posts in a day? I am on a roll! haha I am going to (hopefully) type this up quickly so I can get off the computer. Been looking at it too much today! Some of it has been productive and the other has been messin' around. I follow several blogs and enjoy reading them... and then just finding other ways to distract myself.

Anyway- to stop my rambling, I am going to highlight 5 blogs that I am crazy about right now. I love all the blogs I follow and will feature them over time.
Pretty Petal Studio on Etsy
These wonderful blogs are listed in no particular order, fyi:

  • Flower Patch Farmgirl (visit her here)~ I can't get enough of this gal, Shannan! She is so witty, honest and hilarious. She lives in a "geek chic farmhouse" (as described on Apartment Therapy, her house is featured on there right now) with her husband and three adopted children. I love her stories about her children and all of their adventures. Though she lives far away from me in Indiana, I feel like she's next door. Last night she wrote a great post about blogging, you can read it here.
  • Going Home to Roost (visit her here) ~ Bonnie is the author of this fabulous eco-friendly, creative (she's an amazing DYI-er), and simplicity blog. She often features great photographers, similar to that of Pretty Petal Studio (she may have even featured PPS at some point, not sure). Whenever I read Bonnie's blog, I feel like I step into a world full of possibilities. She makes me get excited about decorating inexpensively- within the past year and half she has moved twice... she went from her long-time home of North Carolina to Colorado Springs, CO and now she's in Solvang, CA (lucky girl). Each time she's moved she has created wonderfully 'nested' (as she likes to say) homes.
  • This Chick's Got Style (visit her here) ~ Yara, from Amsterdam is about my age and is quite the fashion stylist. This blog is quite different than others that I follow -- in that it's all about clothing and styling. I love it though! It's just fun to follow her lifestyle and she has great pictures. 
  • What Kate Wore (visit here) ~ Okay, this is a mini-confession, but I seriously love Kate "Middleton" (no longer that now) 's style. I have been quite intrigued with following her lately, as she and Prince William are on their big tour right now. I know everyone has their opinions of them, but I am impressed with them as a couple in the royal family. I love how Kate recycles pieces of clothing (though of course all of it is highly expensive), they seem to be sincere in their philanthropic causes, and what is so nice to see is that they look genuinely happy together. Oh, I must note- I do like this blog a lot because the author often has a more personal piece in a lot of the posts. She features some touching stories- like the one about this lady, Mrs. Miller, read it here (you'll have to scroll down). I also love the story about this precious little girl with Stage IV cancer getting to meet Kate- you can read it here (scroll down too).
  • Kate Middleton Style (visit here) ~ Again, another blog about her style. I prefer the layout of the one listed above, but this is still a fun one to read. Yes, I am a nerd ;-)
And there you have it folks! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely Beach-y Weekend (2)

As promised, here are the other days of the time I spent at the beach. It was so hard to leave on Monday!

Sunday, July 3rd:
We heard about this great pharmacy in a small town (with a soda fountain) only 2 miles away. This was some of the countryside on the way there-- it always reminds me of pictures of Europe. Sadly- when we arrived in the lil town we realized the pharmacy is closed. They take Sundays very seriously in that town- not a soul was out. haha
Mom & I took a walk on the beach (different part of it) in the afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was in awe of the beauty. Ya know, I just can't get enough of that seafoamy green- you see it when the waves crash over.... 
I put my feet in the super cold water! On the far left you can see I'm going "AHHH!" Yeah, I couldn't feel the bottoms of my feet for quite awhile. No joke either! I loved it and did put them in several times after these were taken. The ocean says "come to me, come to me...". I swear, it does. ;-)
I love the lacey edges of the waves as they spread out thinly....
Someone had quite the time building this sand castle. They were quite serious about it too, moat and all.
The day ended with a spectacular sunset... I took about 60 pictures ;-)
There's nothing like the colors in nature. Wow
Monday, July 4th:
On Monday, Mom & I headed home. Granny stayed with an aunt and cousin for the next few days.  Anyway, this is a picture of the flags on the bridge in town. 
We had to stop in this town of Sheridan (which we say with a long rolling 'r' because of the show  "Keeping Up Appearances") to get DQ. I had a Vanilla Carmel milkshake. Ooo yum. So unhealthy but so good!
Hope all of you had a wonderful, safe and happy 4th of July weekend! :) I'm thankful this year's 4th was much better- I can't believe it has been a year since we put down our cat Chatty. Crazy how time flies. 

Ah... so much to remember, and in all of that there is so much to be thankful for....

Lovely Beach-y Weekend (1)

I love how it is now Friday and I'm finally getting to write this blog post- seems like as soon as Tuesday arrived the week came in full force. I've been very busy with my school work trying to get as much done as I can. However, I didn't turn on my computer at all yesterday because I was giving my room a major overhaul (yes this will be discussed in another post!).

With that said... I am going to share my lovely beach weekend with Granny and Mom. You'll learn about it through a [unedited] picture walk!

Friday, July 1st:

Mom & I left on Friday on a beautiful Friday afternoon. On the way, we got a great view of  Mt. Hood.
Took a quick visit to the beach in the evening.
Granny got to walk on the sand for the first time since her fall (s)! She got along fine with her cane and the help of  Mom's (broken wrist) arm. 
Saturday, July 2nd:

In the afternoon we checked out a trendy gifty shop in town (never a trip to the beach w/o going there it seems!). I have been craving citrus-y fruity smells lately... and I came upon this. Candle? $31.95. :( It was also eco friendly and amazingly good smelling.... so sad.
And then I came upon this line (by Thyme)... Loved the lotion.  $18.95. Did I mention this store is a lil spendy? 
And then I saw this. Be still. My Heart. GRAPEFRUIT! Let me tell you, I love this smell! I don't like eating grapefruits but their scent is heavenly. Unfortunately, this too was expensive. *sigh*
Later in the day we sat on the deck and I admired Granny's hands.  Imagine all the work they've accomplished in 99, soon to be 100 years...
At night we watched the city's big firework show from the beach house (love our view!).

Since this post is quite long I will continue in another one... :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

5 on Friday: Beach Quotes

Since I am heading to the beach today I think it is appropriate to keep with that theme for my "5 on Friday" post. :) With that said... here are some good beach quotes. Enjoy!

Pretty Petal Studio
  • "At the beach, life is different. Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by currents, plan by tides and follow the sun." - Anonymous
  • "Why does the ocean rock the moon to sleep every night? So the sun will wake and kiss the beach." -- Anonymous
  • "The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. " -- Jacques Cousteau
  • "In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is a story of the earth." -- Rachel Carson
  • "I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the gentle roar of the waves all combine to create a sense of peace and calm." -- Anonymous
Happy July 1st and Happy Friday!

The picture above was taken from an Etsy photographer, Pretty Petal Studio. This photographer has some incredible pictures, I'm glad I came upon her site! Thank you Google. ;-) Here's the website to see this picture & the rest of her shop