Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovely Beach-y Weekend (1)

I love how it is now Friday and I'm finally getting to write this blog post- seems like as soon as Tuesday arrived the week came in full force. I've been very busy with my school work trying to get as much done as I can. However, I didn't turn on my computer at all yesterday because I was giving my room a major overhaul (yes this will be discussed in another post!).

With that said... I am going to share my lovely beach weekend with Granny and Mom. You'll learn about it through a [unedited] picture walk!

Friday, July 1st:

Mom & I left on Friday on a beautiful Friday afternoon. On the way, we got a great view of  Mt. Hood.
Took a quick visit to the beach in the evening.
Granny got to walk on the sand for the first time since her fall (s)! She got along fine with her cane and the help of  Mom's (broken wrist) arm. 
Saturday, July 2nd:

In the afternoon we checked out a trendy gifty shop in town (never a trip to the beach w/o going there it seems!). I have been craving citrus-y fruity smells lately... and I came upon this. Candle? $31.95. :( It was also eco friendly and amazingly good smelling.... so sad.
And then I came upon this line (by Thyme)... Loved the lotion.  $18.95. Did I mention this store is a lil spendy? 
And then I saw this. Be still. My Heart. GRAPEFRUIT! Let me tell you, I love this smell! I don't like eating grapefruits but their scent is heavenly. Unfortunately, this too was expensive. *sigh*
Later in the day we sat on the deck and I admired Granny's hands.  Imagine all the work they've accomplished in 99, soon to be 100 years...
At night we watched the city's big firework show from the beach house (love our view!).

Since this post is quite long I will continue in another one... :)

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