Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Harvesting -- Week 5

"Take thy plastic spade,
It is thy pencil; take thy seed, thy plants,
They are thy colors."
--William Mason, The English Garden

On the 5th week of growing a garden, we got to harvest a little. As you saw on July 4th we picked some lettuce and then used it just the other day in a delicious salad. Last night we picked some Spinach leaves -- hoping they will be tasty for tonight's salad. :) 

Check out those pumpkin leaves! Those things are going to take over!
As he walks around the garden, he makes a beeline for me :) 
Lettuce is growing back quite a bit even since the 4th -- thanks to these awesome summer days!
My happy herbs growing. I need to pick & dry them.

The Kohlrabi haha
If you look closely you can see tiny Romaine lettuce leaves growing
Delicious salad with greens from the garden and those Early Girl tomatoes from FM

Oh how I love the garden! I am particularly excited for my tomatoes to grow. I can't wait to compare the varieties! I had the chance to try the Early Girl kind because we got some at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Let me tell you, my mouth is watering at the thought of having our own batch of Early Girls! Those are some tasty juicy sweet tomatoes... oooo yeah. Summer is here folks :)

I am thoroughly enjoying the summer right now... It's FINALLY here! We have had several warm (as in like 80 degree temps) days. Sunshine feels oh so good. Ahhh.... Lovin' this season!

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Journey Authentically said...

Your kohlarobi is kicking mine's bootie :) Bahaha looks absolutely amazing gal--you two are getting a great turn-out!