Friday, December 3, 2010

Positive Product Changes

I have been feeling discouraged lately at my lack of improvement in having a more simple and natural lifestyle. There are so many more changes I would like to make! Instead of dwelling on the long list of things I would like to change, I'm going write about a few product changes I have made this year.
  • All Natural Makeup: In January, my mom took me to an all-natural cosmetic store to get some new makeup (as an early birthday gift). This is a store that my cousin, Simply Authentic, went to for her makeup when she still lived here. I had a wonderful experience picking out two eyeshadow colors, an eyeliner pencil, concealer, foundation and mascara. It is now the beginning of December and I am no where near running out of any of these products. I don't wear makeup on a regular basis, but when I do it is nice to have natural products. They're easy to put on, look much better than the non-natural brands, and are so easy to take off (water is all you need!). The only downside of natural products like this is that they are pretty expensive. But I figure, the expense of having natural products is much better than putting my health at risk and paying a much larger expense later on. If you're interested, most of my makeup is from a brand called Alima Pure.
  • Burt's Bees Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash: Starting earlier this year, I also switched over to natural bathing products. For years I have used Bath and Body Works products and Pantene Pro-V for my hair. This year I decided that enough was enough-- so I gave these natural products a try and loved them! These are also fairly spendy too but from time to time I find coupons in the ads. As a matter of fact I have a coupon tacked to my bulletin board. I go through conditioner fast and will be needing some soon!
  • Larabars: I also discovered a better snack choice this year! These types of bars replace the chemical-loaded protein bars I used to eat. These natural bars are a great replacement and have few ingredients, which you will see in the picture on the very bottom. The Cherry Pie flavor is good, but my favorite one is Apple Pie. :)

Now that I am writing about some of my changes, I am starting to remember a few more that I have made. I'll just write another blog in the next day or so! I have to get ready now for a football game, our home-team made it to the semi-final games of the playoffs. Pretty exciting!


Simply Authentic said...

I'm sure there are other changes too missy. Don't beat yourself up--each lil change benefits the collective whole. Those Larabars look great and I'm glad you've found a great snack alternative. Love seeing the ingredients list and having everything be recognizable. BTW you all know that Yogi & Tazo tea are local also right?! ;)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great changes. I am interested in the make up and off to look!

Nikki said...

Nice changes! Very cool! I've been working on that as well lately. Its difficult sometimes because although it seems contradictory, the simplest things for some reason in todays world seem to take the longest to make! Most products in stores have a bunch of additivies etc so to make it more simple and make it yourself, takes more time, but its worth it in the long run!

ps you won the Hallmark giveaway! Its 40$ worth of hallmark cards at and a hallmark storybook! If you send me an email I can go over the details. talk to you soon and congratulations!