Monday, September 24, 2012

Beauty -- Week 7

"Always remember beauty of the garden, for there is peace." -- Anonymous

Catch Up: 7/22/12

Amazing how much the garden grows in one week huh?! I love the look of Week 7. Very lush, green and full. The garden looks very different now as we are sinking into Fall.

There is a dent on that side of the garden where Cheese has rested throughout the summer. hehe
"And over here we have the lettuce... mmm this is a great place to scratch my cheeks!"

One of my all time favorite pics I have taken :) 

Farmer Cheese has to rest once and while -- lots to keep up!
Beginnings of corn on the stalks! Yay!
"Garbage Zucchini" was the best one, go figure

Driveway zucchini plants. We kinda forgot about them but they did produce several tasty zukes for us!

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