Thursday, September 6, 2012

Productive Day

Ahhh... I am sitting here relaxing and feeling good about being productive today. About noon I started on deep cleaning my room, which is something I have been thinking about doing for awhile. Though it is something I have been wanting to do I didn't wake up with the notion that I would dig in today. However, after a night of not keeping well, feeling slightly irritated and needing to move my body -- I cleaned and cleaned. It felt good to do something that was positive and it's great to feel that instant gratification. Having my personal space in order always makes me feel more mentally collected because it allows me to use my energy on other things versus being distracted by a mess.

So what all did I do?!

I moved my bed, dresser drawers, night stand and bookshelf so that I could vacuum behind each. I also dusted and uncluttered/straightened up each furniture item. Not only that but I used the vacuum to get the cobwebs off of the ceiling, which have been bugging me. Whew! Lots of sweat and totally worth all that effort! (I must mention today was 80 degrees)

Yes-- please note the massive stack of books on my nightstand! I need to get my read on -- just have been in such a habit of getting in bed and quickly turning out the light these days.
LOVE it when my desk looks like this! Maybe I'll have more focus with blogging... ;-)
I'm really glad I took the time to improve my space this afternoon. I feel like I made good use of the day and it helped me to work through some things that were on my mind.

Perhaps now I can also focus more on clothing outfits I want to put together. I am seriously going bonkers wearing the same type of outfit for 3 years -- not that it is the end of the world, but I really want to look more professional. I'm taking what I already have into consideration along with items I want to get. Anyhow, that is the next project... clothes, clothes, clothes. Big goal: purchase with intention!!!!

Alright that's all for now. Know it isn't my most exciting blog post ever but maybe it'll inspire some of you to get your space spiffed up. I'm pretty sure it counts for a good workout too.

Happy Thursday!

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