Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer's Lingering Conclusion

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. Let them be your only diet drink and your botanical medicine." -- Henry David Thoreau

While taking a walk with Mom tonight, I couldn't deny the fact that the seasons are changing (and despite what the calendar says). In the Pacific Northwest, trees are slightly changing colors, there's a new cool in the air in the morning and evening, and there's that golden light that is cast over everything. Sounds tell me that the seasons are changing too -- just the same every year: I have been hearing sports practice, cheerleaders cheering and the band marching to its own tune. That's one of the joys of living right near a high school all your life; you know when school is out and when it is starting again soon. 

Maybe it's just due to the school year that this change of season is so prominent. There is so much emphasis on the introduction and conclusion of those 9 busy months. There's that sigh of relief and grasp of freedom when its all over and then the butterflies in your stomach when it is about to begin. Summer to Fall is a monumental change in that regard. The start of something new, different and potentially exciting. 

I don't think that the other seasonal changes are any less important. For me, I have a deep love of summer. I am always excited for its arrival. I love it simply for what it is (and what I hope for, being in the PNW doesn't guarantee an ideal summer anymore) -- sunshine, blue sky, fresh produce, farmer's markets, and various outdoor activities. Summer is a big hug and I can't get enough!

I'm trying to appreciate Summer's end and as one wise blogger mentioned last year, this in between period is almost a season to itself. There really is beauty in seeing the earth in a transformative state. Right now we are all on the edge...With that said, here are some pictures I took today:

Beautiful Double Delight roses - my favorite
My happy boy enjoying his catnip! He just loooooves the sunshine. I tell him to soak it up for the winter.
Some of the sounds we hear at home -- football games & practices
Wish the apples on our tree were edible but they sure are pretty to see
My mini pumpkins are quite prolific!
There are some changes in the land and sky as summer is nearing its end. Activities are changing and soon boys and girls will be gathering together in the hallways and classrooms.

Each season has its own joys and beauty but I'll always carry Summer in my heart. Truthfully, I am a bit sad about it ending this year. There was so much going on and lots of heavy emotional situations that I didn't get to appreciate summer as much. Perhaps its my own fault for not taking the time ;-) In any case, I will be more than happy to greet Summer again when she rolls around!

Here's to the seasons ahead -- let's drink them in as Thoreau tell us :)


Journey Authentically said...

This is very beautifully written Angela! I too noticed the cool air yesterday. Am hoping we can eek out a few more weeks of great sunshine!!

Kristin Johnson said...

So, being from Arizona, I welcome the "changing of the season." I put that in quotes because, unlike Oregon, our changes are not so drastic and probably only seen when it becomes winter here. Just as you are as excited for summer, I have the same excitement for fall. Now, I can have my windows open and not spend so much money on the A/C bill. But, once winter hits I can't wait for Spring (my favorite season :) )

I too live next to a high school and when I heard the band playing the other night I was reminded how fast this year went! Not that I'm complaining. The faster we get to May the better because I am burnt out from school and my internship. You must be super excited to graduate as well!