Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lunch Date with a Dear Friend

This afternoon I drove down south a little ways to have lunch at Applebees (our usual spot) with my dear friend, Andrea, from college. We used to meet every month for lunch, but unfortunately haven't been able to be as consistent in the last year or so. I am thankful for any time that we get together especially since they are far and few between these days. Andrea and I had quite a bit to catch up on to say the least! We had so much fun talking and venting about various struggles in the past few months. I'm so glad that Andrea is one of my "bookmark friends" -- you can go for long periods without seeing each other but it is like nothing has changed. Thank you Andrea for being such a wonderful friend! Can't wait to see you again! (also -- I do hope the waitress won't spill dressing on me next time -- crossing my fingers it comes out of my blazer that I haven't ever washed before. What an afternoon!)

The road getting to Applebees was interesting! I got stuck behind a caravan of 6 large tractors moving at snail's pace.  There aren't many places to pass on part of this drive so I just had to deal with it. This is what I get for taking the backroads during the beginning of harvest season! Oh well! On the plus side I got to enjoy the scenery and listen to some good tunes. 
I couldn't pass up the Apple Pie on the dessert menu. Couldn't finish it though -- very sweet.
On the drive back...  The Willamette Valley is beautiful!
So pretty! Also confirms an odd occurrence while driving. See that  SUV (it has a U of O sticker on it)? At one point it turned off near an orchard then I was able to go a bit faster. I happily jugged along with no one in my way and then I caught up with a car.... pretty much the same darn car with the same darn sticker. I am SURE it was a different driver but it made me question my conscious brain. haha Strange coincidence!
Good friends help us to learn how to be like this... :) As always, good advice from Yogi Tea!
Happy Wednesday folks! (go figure it is Wednesday with some Wackiness)

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