Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remember the Warriors

Pounding hearts, stomping feet, clapping hands, "ooohs and ahhss"... and "noooo's!"... Cheers of encouragement, tense muscles, jumping up and down, anticipation, suspense, clinking of helmets and cleats, bumping shoulder pads, pain, relief, anger, joy, sweat, tears, cameras, lights, face paint, cheerleaders, fans of all kinds, news reporters,.. All of this was wrapped up in a perfect cold fall night; a package called hope. Hope that on Friday night history would be made. This hope was truly visible, just like the clouds of breath floating upwards into the night... This was our time and we all believed it.

And it was. Last night the high school I went to finally won a football game over the metro league's most despised player, the Crusaders (they're a private school-- which always dominates every sport). It has been 25 years since we have had victory over them. We didn't win by a small amount either. Score was 38 to 25 :)

So many people came to see this game. There were scads of people everywhere. The stadium was packed and there were crowds of people all around the field. I wonder how many eyes were watching the game in anticipation.

The whole game was so exciting. Only in the first quarter did we ever have a tie with the Crusaders and then after that, we left them in the dust. It seemed as though the cheers of the home-team crowd carried the players from beginning to end. No kidding either. Every cheer was like a burst of energy and it gave them the strength they needed to keep persevering.

Mom, Sarah and I grabbed each other and leaped up whenever a touchdown was made. And then we would turn to each other and yell, "WE DID IT!" So much fun! So incredibly thrilling! The cheering experience was a whole body work out from my vocal cords all the way down to my legs.

When the clock got to the last few seconds the crowd counted down... 3... 2... 1... it was all over. We made history. In that moment, the entire stadium swarmed down onto the field-- like one massive large body of people. It wasn't chaotic either. Everyone moved so fluidly-- everyone wanted to be on that field where it all happened. That field where we all placed our hope and to touch the players that held our hearts. We all gathered around one of the end zones and the players huddled up together. It seemed as though everyone could have stayed there for hours and hours even despite the chilly air.

While we all could have celebrated on that field all night, we all had to go home. However, the scoreboard stayed lit up throughout the night...

Usually I don't get emotional nor overboard for a football game (or many sports in general besides the Olympics or Cross Country)... but last night was captivating. Anyone would have been sucked into the game! That ride on the coattails of hope was spectacular. I'm so glad I was there.
The most dangerous is a true believer... *
*Written on a gym wall in my old high school.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sounds like an amazing day and game! i love those special moments that last and last!