Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On a happier note...

I feel like I have a ton of blog posting to catch up. Lots of things have happened in the past few months and I have plenty of thoughts bumbling around in my head. I'm feeling a lot more upbeat these days-- I feel Spring in the air and it's great. :)

Sort of a funny post to put next to the ones about Minnie (not really how I wanted to do it but oh well, that's what I get for waiting so long to write!).... We have a new furry friend in our house.

After allowing ourselves time to deal with Minnie's passing, we decided we were ready for another cat. I guess that's how it happened anyway. We knew at some point we wanted another cat, but weren't sure when. There's a wonderful pet adoption place nearby and we visited it a few times in the end of January to February. In the few times we visited, we were just checking out the place, not really sure about a cat yet. We were also frequent visitors on their website.

My sister finished reading Dewey in early February and became focused on having an orange cat. I honestly had no idea what kind of cat I wanted next. I just knew we couldn't get another tortoise. She finally came across one orange tabby cat and had to see him in person. About the second week in February we visited the orange tabby boy cat. A few days later, on February 21st (President's Day) he was our boy!

Meet Cheese Puff! Our 16 pound orange tabby. :) He has lost some weight now because he's on a diet... haha His name at the adoption place was Cheese Puff and we thought it was appropriate and kept it. He's a great furry friend to have around the house. We've never had a boy cat before so it's pretty different. He also looks totally different than our other kitties. He's got a great personality!

Picture of him on his first day of his new home. Lots to love!

Checking out the house for the first time (Feb 22nd)... Hey Mr. Good Lookin'!

He doesn't usually get into this position because he's a rather large boy. I guess because he was on Mom's pants it called for a special type of sitting.

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