Thursday, March 31, 2011

Refreshing Day!

Oh wow, today was wonderful. Just the perfect day! One I have been needing for weeks now.

My friend Jennifer and I spent the day together downtown Portland at a great place called NW 23rd. It's a street filled with fun shops that are modern, chic, and some are even eco-friendly/organic. I had a blast hanging out with her and loved the change of scenery.

What also made the day great was that we FINALLY had a day of no rain and some sunshine. It's been a miracle. haha Today is also the day we finally got to 60 degrees. Let me tell you, it felt great! The nickname for today should be "Breakthrough." (If you're a weather nerd and want to know exactly how glorious this day has been, check out the stats I'm posting at the very bottom of this post)

I drove us down to NW Portland and attempted to find parking on a side street. Unfortunately, it was a little too crowded so we parked in a paid parking lot. While it seemed nuts to spend $8 on an all day parking permit it was certainly worth it. I was happy to ditch the car and get on with the fun stuff!

Our first stop was at Lush, a bath and body store. Lush has lots of great products that are fresh and handmade. I love how they're full of organic goodness and humanitarian. You can their website here (this link goes to the main website-- that way you can click on which country you're from. Neat that they are all over the world!). 

After spending some time in Lush we walked up the street to go to the MAC makeup store (a total opposite of Lush in terms of organic goodness haha). Jennifer was interested in the makeup there and was able to have one of the store ladies try some eyeshadow on her. I had fun watching the lady beautify Jennifer and of course enjoyed looking at the makeup. Since I already have plenty of makeup I wasn't tempted to buy any, but it was certainly fun to see all sorts of colors and products.

Once we were done at MAC I was craving something tasty to eat. We walked down to one of the gelato shops, Mio Gelato. I got a bowl with two flavors, roasted almond (I think it's what it was called, it was something almond) and Dulce de Leche. Mmmm mmmm good. Jennifer got some gelato sorbet, which looked delicious. I'm so glad we stopped there. A very NW 23rd-ish thing to do! There's so many good places to eat there that it would be a shame not to stop at one of them.

After the gelato stop we walked up the street to some of the clothing stores and then stopped in another make up shop along the way. We spent some time in the makeup shop. They had lots of great trinkets in addition to their makeup products. I actually found some good smelling candles that were packaged nicely. I didn't buy them but am considering going there in the future when I need to give a little gift to someone.

Next we went to Urban Outfitters and spent some time checking out the clothing and accessories. There was a pair of earrings that I liked but I couldn't get myself to spend $12 on them. ;-) 

We decided to head home after looking at the clothing store-- so that was our fun day downtown! A perfect Spring day... so uplifting and lovely. :) 

Now for the nerdy part-- but I must note this because it's pretty crazy. Perhaps these weather stats are related to my slump (I think I'm no better than a wilty flower when we have days on end without sunshine). I got these stats from a KGW news article, which you can find here.

  • Portland also finished March with 29 days of measurable rain during March, breaking the old record for 27 days of rain in March.
  • Portland also wiped out its record for consecutive days of measurable rain. The old record was only 16 days. On Tuesday, Portland had recorded 23 straight days of measurable precipitation.
  • By early Wednesday, March 2011 had also earned the distinction of being the fifth-rainiest on record, with 6.49 inches recorded at PDX Airport.
  • In 1989, 6.73 inches of rain fell in the city. Portland's wettest March had 7.52 inches of rainfall back in 1957.
  • Before this year, March 27 was the latest into the year before reaching the 60-degree point. (This year makes it the 31st, sheesh)

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Simply Authentic said...

Glad you two were able to make a fun day of it too! Love 23rd for their good food and great lil' shops....definitely should hit up that lil shoe store next time--think you gals will love it!