Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Theme ~ Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday!

I loved the "Fill in the Blank Friday" post for this week by The Little Things We Do. To go along with my love of this season I thought I would do this fun post!

Fill in the Blank Friday

gorgeous fall street right near where I work

1. Nothing says Fall like the changing leaves. I love all of the colors, especially the bright yellow trees. When the light hits them just right they can look golden. So exciting to see so many colors this time of year!

2. My favorite autumnal tradition is decorating the house. I love dressing up our fireplace mantel with our bronze colored sash (from a cousin's wedding!) and using a few other items to spruce it up. I also put up some of our paper decorations on the walls and spread around our other cute "trinkets."

3. My favorite Fall treat is PUMPKIN PIE!

4. Fall makes me think of nesting because it is a cozy season. This particular season in my life I have been feeling a lot more in tune with making a house a home - guess it is just from all the craziness of this year and wanting home to feel good. I also look forward to the day of living on my own and creating my own space! .... And Pinterest is to blame for some of this ;-)

5. Autumn free form association, go! Golden/yellow leaves, multicolored trees/leaves/vegetation, school, produce stores, pumpkins & patches, corn mazes, hay rides, fresh cool breezes, bronzey & sometimes golden light from the sun (such a funny angle it is at this time of year), family time, Thanksgiving, pies, lots of food, blankets, tea, oh yeah -- running.... 

6. My go-to outfit in the Fall is um, truthfully I don't have a go-to outfit for any season (working on that- anyone want to style me?! I have improved but...).... though I will say I love my flats, dark bootcut jeans, and layers - always a sweater of some sort. The Northwest is so unpredictable!

7. My favorite Fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving) without question, Thanksgiving. When I was in my undergrad days I really gained appreciation for this special holiday. 1) because of the FOOD... yes, I did eat well at college but let me tell you, family food tasted so wonderful to me during those years  2) getting a chance to catch up and relax with extended family members. To this day I feel pretty much the same about Thanksgiving but I focus more on family than the food. I also understand more and more how much I have to be thankful for. :)


Victoria said...

thanksgiving is the best, i agree. pumpkin pie-yum!!

happy weekend!

your blog is great! i majored in el ed too :)

Victoria said...

thanks for your sweet comment! i am actually not from oregon....but i would love to visit one day :)