Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sauvie Island on Sunday

"There is nothing quite like a fall day. The cool crisp air, pumpkins in the fields, and playing in the leaves. The smile on your face can warm any chilly day." -- Unknown

I am falling so deeply in love with Autumn-- yes, pun fully intended. ;-) I am really okay with this season being here this year. I have had very little trouble transitioning from Summer to Fall. The only part I miss the most is the abundance of sunlight. The mornings are darker longer and the nights come faster. Ah... the changes. It is comforting, however, to know that while I am losing some sunlight, someone else in the world is gaining a few more rays each day. I hope they are soaking up every ounce of that happy sunshine! 

While the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing the opposite season, I am thoroughly enjoying everything that comes with Fall -- as I do every year: the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. I feel like my senses are more engaged during this cozy season. Perhaps it is because it is the harvesting season. We don't have the abundant source of goodness anymore, but we have its products, the beautiful bountiful produce. 

On Sunday, the 16th, Leonor, Mom, Sarah, and I went to Sauvie Island to get our hands on some of these treasures, one of them being pumpkins. :) I was so happy to go out and do a Fall activity! Sauvie Island is a neat place located between the Willamette and Columbia River. On the island there are many farms, and one of them has a giant corn maze (this year's design featured the Portland Timbers symbol). We didn't have time to go through it and there were also tons of people out at this particular farm. We mainly went to see what we could see and to get some items from the produce store. We enjoyed walking around, saw the animals, went to the gift shop (of course- didn't buy anything though) and the store. It was a beautiful Fall day, the sun cast a nice bronzy look the land. Mmm.. Lovely day. I'm thankful we got to get out and about!

Visiting the animal barn - say hi to Cream Puff and Oreo, the sheep! I was amused with their names of course ;-)
You would pick us right?! ;-)

LOVE the big bins of produce! So colorful!
Check out these awesome gourds! We picked out a few for decorations. I love these quirky things!

Gorgeous red pears

Our pumpkins, such happy decorations.
Wonderful time at Sauvie Island - I highly suggest visiting there if you are in the PNW or are thinking of visiting in the Fall. I want to go back and do that corn maze!

Happy Fall!!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love fall for many of the same reasons! The world is so beautiful as it changes!