Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graduation Weekend

What a wonderful weekend! Yesterday was Sarah's graduation party at our house. We had several family and friends over to celebrate the special occasion. The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday-- 85 degrees and clear skies. My kind of weather!

Since it was so nice we had the party out on the deck, which was delightful. It was so fun talking with neighbors, cousins, Granny, and other family members. I really enjoyed seeing people talking with one another (lots of mingling!). I was very pleased and surprised at some of the people who did come to the party. My mom's cousin Carole, that we hardly see, came with her husband. I could tell that she was very happy that she had made the effort to come and visit.

Unfortunately, a terrible event occurred that basically concluded the party. My cousin's husband received a call that their eldest son was in an accident. They rushed home and those who were still at the party started to disperse as they left. Praise God, though, my cousin's son is okay and the passengers in his car are fine! I saw pictures of the car (which is totaled) this evening and wow... God was definitely protecting those boys.

Anyhow... after the main party was over we had a still had a little gathering of a few people. Sarah's friend Emily and her mother, Jessica were still over enjoying themselves. Emily, Sarah, and Dustin had fun playing Rock Band and talking with each other. Auntie Marolyn came back to our house and had fun talking with Jessica and mom.

Once Auntie Marolyn left, Jessica and Emily were still at our house (we don't get to spend much time with them- even though they live close to us). We all were pretty hungry and burnt out on eating sweets. We all decided that Olive Garden sounded good. So Jessica's family-- her husband, son and Emily and the "five of us" (us + Dustin) went out together. Lots of fun! It was a great end of the day and fun to celebrate Emily and Sarah's friendship- they've been friends since kindergarten. :)

Emily, Sarah, & Dustin

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