Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Bigger Than YOU

Today's inspiration to write has come easily. Today is one of those days where I reflect upon the fact that life is just simply bigger than me and you. Sometimes when we think our entire lives are falling apart its because we lack perspective-- usually. In this world, full of billions of people, someone is bound to have gone through (or is going through) something FAR WORSE than you or me.

Thanks to Facebook, I've recently gotten in touch with a friend from the church I used to go to. As we've been communicating back and forth she let me know that this past year was "tough" for her. I asked her, out of concern, what was going on. Turns out, her closest friend revealed to her last year that she is gay. My friend thinks that this is her "worst nightmare." In one of my responses I tried to give her perspective but she failed to even read what I had to say. She continued to go on and on and on about how her FRIEND'S problem affected her. And this is when I say: it is NOT about YOU and it is BIGGER than YOU.

I would love to make a point to her that I have an amazing group of friends that have and are going through a lot-- far worse than her friend turning out gay. So many of my friends have experienced so much trauma in their lives-- things that have changed their entire lives. My friend's shock is nothing compared to what others have gone through. Also, my friend's personal life is not affected at all... she can still go on and live HER life.

I feel that as a friend you are supposed to sympathize and empathize when you can. Yes, you may feel some pain along with your friend and shed some tears... but remember, it is NOT about YOU. When Jesus helped others it was never about Him or His experience... it was all about how He could give others peace and comfort... and that is how we ought to be. That is what I strive to be in my friendships.

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Janelle said...

Amen! Jesus came to serve others, so lets forget about ourselves and obey Him by doing that.

Your friend has a lot of growing up to do. Her experience shouldn't be as "traumatic," as it is. While it's a sad situation, this could be a good time her to love and encourage her friend, as well as to continue giving her God's truth. Sometimes being a friend means saying things are difficult. Hopefully she'll soon realize it's not about her before it's too late.