Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Enjoyment

Today was kind of a lazy day but eventually I did something with myself in the afternoon. I felt kind of gross today due to my poor diet all week and from just being so busy. While I could have continued to sit around all day, mom motivated me to get outside and be productive.

We planted some items in under our front window. The plants look great with the fresh compost! The compost is a little smelly, it is oh-so-good for the plants. Totally worth the smell :) I also love how the compost is nearly black so it really enhances the overall look of the plants.

Ah, it was so good to get outside today. Being in the outdoors is very good for the senses, especially on days like this. Plus, it was nice to dig around in the dirt and get a little dirty.

After mom and I were done planting we sat on the deck and sat in the sunshine for awhile. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wind playing with my hair... and the noises outside... Very lovely and relaxing.

Eventually we came inside and one of our favorite dinners, vegetable ziti. Yum! That was a perfect end to the day and definitely helped me to feel back to normal.

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Janelle said...

The plants look wonderful! Sometimes I wish we were still living in the house so we could do some things like that.