Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer of Mail Love

If you know me, you know that I LOVE note cards. I absolutely love checking out the ones at Michael's dollar bins. As a result, I have two drawers filled with them (all organized by season!). I use them for sending thank yous and thinking of yous. My love of writing and sending letters comes from Granny. She is so good with sending people notes. I swear, I think she is the reason why the U.S. Postal Service is still in business!

I came across a wonderful idea in how I can use my notes this summer. Thank you to my cousin Elizabeth and her blog, Simply Authentic I am inspired to participate in the "Summer of Mail Love." She got this idea from a blog she reads called Two Frog Home. The purpose of this summer activity is to send at one piece of mail (care package, note or postcard) to someone per week. To clarify, the 'someone' is supposed to be different each week. Have to spread the love around ;) The "Summer of Mail Love" starts this week, the start of the Summer Solstice and ends the week of the Fall Equinox. I think this challenge is very do-able!

My plan is to write out a list of people I would like to send mail to and then put them on my calendar. :) I'm excited! I think this is a fun way to celebrate summer and loved ones.


Janelle said...

That sounds kind of neat! If it weren't for the cost of stamps, I might do it too.

Angela said...

Yeah I hear ya -- stamps are kind of spendy! That's why I'm only sending postcards or note cards. I don't have the money to fund a care package-- would love to though.