Monday, March 5, 2012

Comfy Errand Outfit

Plaid shirt: American Eagle (recent & on clearance)
Gray long sleeve: Ambiance from Wet Seal (old)
Belt: H & M (very recent-- love it!)
Jeans: Hollister (got them during a 50% jeans + free shipping online sale)
Boots: Cathy Jean-- super, super comfy and make a great clicking sound from the lil heel that's on 'em

I managed to create a quick, simple and comfy outfit to go on an errand this {rainy} afternoon. I love this new flannel plaid shirt- so comfy! I'm trying to add in patterns to my wardrobe and have fallen in love with plaid. To make this outfit even better, I would like to use a more colorful shirt underneath it, like a dark pink or blue, instead of gray. I wanted a little more warmth and the gray shirt long-sleeve shirt fit the best underneath the plaid. I'm not crazy about the gray shirt because it is too "elasticy" and rides up (it will be going bye bye one of these days), but it's what I had to work with and served its purpose of keeping me a lil warmer.

Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

P.S. My sister was gracious enough to take the full-length picture of me. She also took the pictures from my other two outfit posts. :) Thanks sis!
P.S.S. Forgive my bare/natural face and messy hair-- I should have taken these before going out but just didn't do it. I regret that now! Oh well!

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