Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebrations

"He is risen! He is risen indeed!"

Easter was a wonderful day! Not only was it a grand celebration of Jesus but it was also my mom's birthday and a cousin's. We started the day off with church, then a delicious meal at Granny's, and a little party at home in the evening for Mom. The "icing on the cake," so to speak, was that the weather was glorious this past weekend! Believe me, that is a BIG deal for us Oregonians! Usually Easter brings rain, rain and more rain... We enjoyed ourselves!

Amazing Tiramisu cake from Whole Foods :)
I love this tradition and eventually it will stop... but at 25, there's still a lil girl in me that LOVES hunting eggs around the house! It also provides my mom with good laughter because I am awful at finding them! haha
Well, when all this is inside- who can blame me for wanting to hunt?! haha 
Hope that you all had a blessed weekend whether you celebrated Easter or not!

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