Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Outfit Inspiration: Teacher-y

via Pinterest, most likely from Ann Taylor 
I know it may seem contradictory to continue with outfit posts when I have recently been talking about living a simple life. The the thing is, I am really into fashion right now. So how I mesh those two things together-- simplicity and style? Try to use what I currently have and enhance the old with new (when I obtain new things). Buy new clothing items with intention!! That is the key to so many things: intention. Purpose. And I will be honest, I am craving many clothing items right now but I have to be mindful.

Anyway, without further chatter, here is an outfit that I love! A cardigan + ruffle top + belt + slacks. Totally teacher-y. Easy to recreate and practical. :)

Trying out a timed post since I am subbing on Tues!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I like it! Cute, summery and all that! Except for my school? I would have frozen to death. I had to wear sweaters until June 5th!

Angela said...

@ Sara -- haha Yeah it is kind of summery- I wouldn't wear the heels of course (as being in them for 8 hours is a killer in my opinion). We pretty much have to wear sweaters/layers here for that long too (and thanks to crazy ac/heating issues in schools). So I'd have to recreate this with the layering in mind... hmm... haha