Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Polka Dot Love for Easter

I have a confession: I have a HUGE crush on the clothing store Ruche. I love their beautiful dresses, skirts, and delicate accessories. I wouldn't consider my style vintage, but I do enjoy girly things from time to time. Anyhow, in March I spied a lovely light colored teal polka dot dress. I couldn't pass it up and took a chance and made my first purchase with Ruche! I ordered on a Tuesday and had my dress by Saturday (it also helps that they're located in Cali). The dress is great quality, fits me nicely (for the most part- unfortunately I was not 'blessed' with a large top area haha), and I have many ideas for styling it.

I am so thankful the weather was so lovely! Had this been a typical Easter I would have been so chilly (especially considering my tights got a huge run in them shortly before I had to leave home-- so that is also why you are graced with my pasty legs! ;-) ) *

Dress: Ruche
Cardigan: Merona / Target (recent!)
Belt: H & M
Blazer: H & M
Shoes: H & M

*P.S. Sara-- you can see my wacky collar bones! haha!

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