Monday, May 21, 2012

Little Bit of Sunshine

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Though much of today was sleepy, gray and rainy there were little bits of happiness. Each day has its own joys of course and all are worth noting. Sometimes I just don't write the details of every day, I think that would a bit too repetitious.

Being that I woke from a bizarre dream that was a combination of "Avengers" and "Harry Potter" (which were super realistic and oddly mixed in with other events in my life) I am glad that the rest of the day was mostly regular. As I was coming to, I noticed a bunch of voices outside that probably had added to the last strange moments of my dream. Groggily, I looked out the window and saw it was the once-per-trimester, 1 hour "community service" high school group (doing SOLV) gathering to go trudge through the creek area behind my house.

In my brightly colored pajamas I scurried through the house hoping no one would see me from the front window, in attempts to find my big orange wussy cat. I didn't want him to be traumatized. Thankfully I found him resting in a flower pot by the house in the backyard.

Unfortunately I had to go back outside within a couple of minutes (yes in a bright red oversized shirt and light pink pants) and entice Cheese out of the flower pot. I had to get him inside because the yard workers arrived and I knew he would freak out. So, with a lot of encouragement and a bowl of food acting as a "carrot" I got the big boy inside the back room. He didn't complain once he was locked in the back-- but why would he when he had breakfast, a warm place to rest his head and a safe haven from the scary things outside?!

Oh yes, in case you're wondering I think I managed to not be seen by the high schoolers but who knows. I did hear an odd whistley noise before going inside. I will assume they were making sounds for fun or to attract birds. Surely they would not pay attention to the red haired, brightly dressed lady calling to "Cheese."

Anyhoo... Around 11 AM I met with one of my girl cousins at a delicious cafe. I devoured a tasty turkey and aged white cheddar sandwhich while having a nice conversation. Though I was partly distracted by the guy behind me bumping his chair next to mine because the tables were too close. At one point I glanced at some part of the cafe and realized chair guy had on Army camo. I was amused. Then that's what reminded me that my all too strange-realistic dream did not include Captain America. Shame.

I am a bit off track now but hanging out was lovely and my tummy was stuffed. I felt energetic afterwards and at peace with the grayness. Thanks cuz :-)

While at the cafe I missed a few phone calls: one from my boss and another for a great friend. My boss left me a message saying I wasn't needed this week for Monday and Wednesday (new schedule starts this week) due to low numbers of kids. So that gives me more time this week to get settled. I am appreciative of this change of plans.

When I got home I called my friend Andrea and helped her out with ideas for a paper. I got all excited for her topic and loved having an in-depth conversation on education topics that are near and dear to my heart. I'm glad that we share similar views on teaching. :)

So, my friends, it's the little things in life that make an ordinary day more colorful. That's probably a cliche but that's okay right?

Sunshine knows how navigate it's way through the raindrops. Hip hip hooray!

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