Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recent Target Finds

When you least expect it.... and then it leads to a little more.... Oh Target, sometimes you really surprise me!

Oh how I love clearance tags.... So satisfying seeing the 'Was' and 'Now'
Alright so here is the deal (or story- I apologize for the rambliness), Mom and I were out and about on Saturday doing errands and miscellaneous stuff. To my surprise-- I found a leopard belt! Yippiiiie!!! You have no idea how long I have been searching for a leopard belt. Now, it isn't the world's best quality but for $16.99 I couldn't pass it up. Also I had to get the pink belt because I have been looking for one as well (thinking of accessorizing my polka dot dress with it). Then we came across that gorgeous colored scarf, which was on clearance for $7.98. The fabric is lightweight and well.... you know my love of blue (I am seriously working on that! haha). Mom was convinced it belonged in my closet so I also blame her. Eventually that led me to trying on a pair of Mossimo patent high heels but they didn't have my size in the camel color..... (btw, they are the most comfortable high heels ever)

After doing a couple things on Monday morning, I gingerly took myself down the road to a different Target and found them. Yeah! AND look at that leopard purse!!!! My friends, for about two months I have gone back and forth on getting that darn purse. I saw it was online still but for $29.99 and just couldn't seem to hit the check out button. So I am over-the-moon that I not only came across it unexpectedly but that it had that beautiful clearance tag - yes, I scored big time! 

Then.... I gave in to that pretty mint green satchel. I'll admit it was $24.99. But isn't it lovely?! haha

Oh man I sound like a crazy consumer and I do think it is important to be careful when buying like this. One item often leads to another. I will say though that I am not always shopping and am able to afford them. Sometimes it's okay to treat yourself with goods and most of the time it is good to keep away from stores. It's all about moderation with a few indulgences here and there ;-) 

And I will be totally honest in that I am doing everything I can to resist these....

What do you think?