Friday, May 11, 2012

Born to Fly

And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you were born
You were born to fly, fly, fly, fly.... 
--Sara Evans

A week has gone by since the major change at our household. On Friday 4th, my little sister moved to be with her husband. I knew she would be moving at some point but when the day came it hit hard. After 20 years of living with my sister, it was strange to have the house weighted down by the quietness. We always laugh about my sister being the spice because she is full of chatter and spunk.

Now, she is on to life of being a soldier's wife. She has been anxiously awaiting this change. So, last Friday all her belongings were gathered, put inside a U-Haul truck, along with her beloved green chair, coffee table and the love seat.... and by noon, they were off.

Goodbyes came with floods of tears. I cried because I would miss the evenings watching TV with my sister and mom. I cried because I would miss hearing my sister's radio playing in the night and her usual loud kick on the wall with her leg while she sleeps (she has done that consistently for years and it always jolts me). I cried because I wouldn't see her everyday. I simply cried because this was a big milestone in our lives. The kind that makes you think, "How did we get here so fast?!" Those hit to the core because it reminds you how fast life continues to move along.

Tasty Cinnabon rolls as a moving treat
Wide open spaces -- Mom and I now have resorted to using a Igloo cooler for our coffee table.

Since moving out a week ago, my sister and her husband have gotten settled in their apartment. She's managed to cook him some meals and they have organized their belongings so it feels home-y. We've been enjoying getting pictures.

Home feels like a "new normal." The emptiness is still quite noticeable (doesn't help that half of the living room is not there!) but the sadness has dissipated. It's good to know that my sister is with D. Being that they have been married since December 31st, it is about time that they live together!

Someday it will be my turn to leave home but till then I am going to grow a garden, enjoy my kitties and hopefully redecorate my room one of these days. I am hoping for all kinds of adventures- big and small!

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Kristin Johnson said...

I agree, how these changes fast approach! Yet, I remember thinking when we were younger how exciting and thrilling it would be to move out and become "adults." Now, we wonder if it's all worth it. Ah, how naive we once were. :)