Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Days is Not Enough

This weekend went by super fast just like the rest of them! Saturday was our last day of decent weather and now we're back to gray and rain... Sigh. I enjoyed the little visit of spring/summer - those sunny warm days put a smile on my face!

Anyhow, here's what my weekend was like... (via Instagram, follow me @ sincerelyangela1 if you'd like!)

Saturday -- Went to a small Farmers' Market with my B. Loved checking out the fun little produce stands along with other great homemade goods. I always enjoy the soaps and jewelry! We had a great day together which was super nice. Life gets pretty hectic sometimes and it's good to have moments to just BE.

 I almost bought myself a bouquet but decided against it. Perhaps next time! They're so lovely.

Had dinner with my parents at Mongolian Grill and then Baskin Robbins after... Yum!! Nothin' like some chocolate chip cookie dough as the finishing touch :)

Sunday -- Rainy, rainy day. Mom and I had several items we needed to pick up from stores so we putzed around town. We found some fun decorations for the bathroom and for outside the house, as you can see with this fun patriotic star. We'll probably keep it out until 4th of July!

Yesterday was a good day to get some running around done and it also included Starbucks. Yum!

 We went to a gardening center near home to get vegetables and flowers. We got three herbs (french thyme, basil and dill), two tomato plants, two varieties of corn and lots of seeds for different veggies. We planted the seeds in small containers so that they can start to sprout. I sure hope we get lots of vegetables out of our garden! :)

Once again.. here is to hoping for a good week!

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