Monday, January 30, 2012

JOP: Evaluating My Clothes

Realized this morning that I haven't done much in the way of my January Organization Project for awhile.... and there is only 1.5ish days left as I write this. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a lot done this month due to being super busy and then sick-- two of the weekends I didn't have the energy for anything. There's still two projects I would like to tackle, clean the inside of my car and declutter the cabinet and drawers in the bathroom. I'm going to allow myself an extension :)

Anyhow.... Today I decided to evaluate the clothes that I currently own and to make some choices about how to deal with them. I considered titling this post "How NOT to Shop" after looking at my clothes and feeling so ready to chuck most of them out. I really would love to pitch most of them out, as in give them away to Union Gospel, but I'm stuck in the "in-betweenness." See, I am in the process of updating my wardrobe and studying various styles.... however, I can't go around baring my skin. I need to have something to wear for the time being even though I'm not crazy about it. I also have to remind myself I can't go broke buying clothes-- I need to do this gradually as hard as that is.

So, here are my findings from today:

I focused mainly on two drawers in my closet-- tshirts, spaghetti straps and tank tops.

All but one is a basic shirt, I got these for cheap at F21 (own 10). Striped is a  3/4  length from Old Navy when I worked there yrs ago.
I wear these items underneath tshirts so I don't show anything  (own 8)
This is atrocious, really. All my tank tops... (own 16)

This pic goes w/ the above... Notice something? Like, the colors of these items? I  love blue dearly but too much. I  own 34 items in this color range. (not counting workout clothes) 

Long sleeve shirts...This also goes/w/ the above. I own very few warm clothes...
Because this post is rather long I am going to continue in a new post. :)

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