Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wedding Shout-Outs, Part II

The rest of my recommendations, compliments etc... :)

Food/ Catering

Roth's Fresh Markets (particularly the on Wallace Road NW, Salem) -- They did an excellent job on preparing the food and the cake (best store made cake I have ever had & I'm not a huge fan of cake in general). The lady who did the catering for our wedding was so helpful! She thought of things that had never crossed our minds. For example, she suggested that the cake table be at a different location due to the scene behind it (behind one set of windows was a playground and she didn't want that to be in the background for the pictures). I highly recommend Roth's if you are planning a wedding in Salem, OR!

The Venue- Church

Salem First Presbyterian Church -- This church holds so much significance for our family so it was very special to have the wedding there. All year round this church looks gorgeous but it is even better during the Christmas season. Sarah got the wedding she dreamed of! Plus, I must add, the pastor, the wedding coordinator, the sound technician, custodian, organist (though minor issues due to it being the first wedding there, she did a beautiful job playing) and others involved were wonderful. They all worked together to make the day memorable for Sarah and D.


Anderson-McIlnay, located in downtown Salem -- Though going into the shop and ordering was quite an experience (apparently chaotic? I wasn't there for the experience), the flowers were all stunning. We were all very happy with the flowers! (The large arrangements are the two in the sanctuary in the previous picture)

Table Decorations-- Family Created & Produced!

My Aunt and her two daughters -- What more can I say, but WOW?! Sarah gave them the idea of using oranments and look at what they created... Most decorations (ornaments) were bought at the Dollar Tree, sparkly blue fabric at JoAnn's store, and items like the vases and mirrors were borrowed. Altogether the decorations came to about $50. Yes, 5-0 dollars!!! I am so impressed and think they should post this creation on Pinterest (cough, cough!). Thank you cousins and Auntie!!!

Last but not least.... All of the Village! Thank you family!!!!

Without the help of family members being willing to help, it would have been a very stressful event.

--Two cousins were willing to do the guest book and served as warm greeters.
-- Two of my aunties greeted guests and helped to make everyone feel welcome.
-- Two of my uncles provided video recording services; one was in the balcony and one took a recording from his seat in the pew.
-- My aunt and uncle who live nearby were so generous in driving a special guest from the airport to the hotel (they had been there to take their son to the airport and D's friend's plane was delayed, so my aunt and uncle stayed out there later to retrieve him).
-- A huge thank you to those who took pictures, video, danced, chattered with guests, participated in being at the wedding; you all made it an awesome celebration!

Hoping I didn't forget anyone but if I did I will add them in at some later point. :) If you're planning a wedding, I hope that some of these recommendations help... that is if you're in the Oregon, Salem-ish area. haha

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