Friday, January 27, 2012

Currently:: On January's Last Friday

For fun I am doing one of these survey type things. Flower Patch Farmgirl had posted hers a while ago, which she got from Life So Sweet (from this post).


current guilty pleasure: Angry Birds on my phone-- not as addicted when I first got the game but every now I get a good hankering to play the game. Finally got past a hard level last night. I am so cool folks. ;-)
current nail color: left over clear gel from my manicure I got for my sister's wedding. That gel stuff is amazing but impossible to get off with regular remover. Can only imagine the chemicals I've ingested from that polish. *shudder*
current playlist: mostly listen to music when I'm in the car so the radio which is either country or a modern day mix station. 
current read:  Julie Andrews' biography
current drink: Starbucks hot chocolate... perfect for a cold night!
current food: dinner tonight was Panda Express, delicious.
current favorite show: "Biggest Loser" - this season isn't as good as the others though.
current wish list: clothes... scarves, sweaters, and other fun stylish items.
current needs: new shoes and pants for work-- have rotated 2 pairs of shoes and 3 slacks since 2009... definitely time for a change.
current triumphs: finished my reading endorsement practicum on Friday!!
current bane of my existence: related to above-- now I have to do the paperwork stuff.
current celebrity crush: Emma Stone from "The Help," she is a cute gal (obviously not romantically speaking)... for the boys, John Krasinski from "The Office." I love his nerdy-likeness, button up shirts and coy smile.
current indulgence: Jello's Tapioca Pudding... can't get enough!
current blessing: sunshine today :)
current outfit: right now I am SUPER lazy because it is nearing bedtime-- black sweats and a sweatshirt. I also have my pink fleece blanket over my legs because I'm chilly.
current excitement: meeting a friend, an "ex-neighbor," tomorrow at a cute cupcake shop. I can't wait to take some fun pictures!
current mood: tired and almost in a blah mood, I have felt a lil anxious today for some reason.
current link: I have found a couple great fashion blogs recently. One of them is J's Everyday Fashion. I love her humor, honesty and her fun style. She recently posted about her fashion fails and it made me laugh-- as I'm trying to dig my way out of my non-stylish ways. We've all been there!

Happy Friday!

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