Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fashion Blogs I'm Currently Following

As I stated in my goals for this year, one of them is to become more fashionable. I want to make better choices about clothes I buy and feel good about what I'm wearing. I tend to wear the same type of outfit for work, running errands, and various casual days. Anyway... it is time for a change. I feel inspired this year to improve in this area -- thanks to Pinterest and the wonderful fashion blogs I have been following.

Charmed in PDX -- Courtney is a fun gal, who is my age and lives in PDX too. I love how she puts together outfits using button up shirts, fun accessories, cardigans, sweaters, thin belts, and all sorts of other lovely things. Because of her style, I think I am going to invest in some button up shirts (which I have always loved anyway). I'm excited to see her outfits this year! I found her via the little things we do.

J's Everyday Fashion -- I recently found this blog via Pinterest. Someone had pinned her post about how to wear cardigans and I just HAD to check her blog out! I'm a follower now :) I like how she makes current fashion trends her own and her funny anecdotes. J is a fashion stylist who plays around with the leopard print, different textures, and all kinds of colors. She's a little more risky that I'll ever be (I will never be able to pull off mustard colored jeans! haha) and creates great outfits!

Kendi Everyday -- I'm not quite sure where I found this blog first, I think saw it listed on Charmed in PDX's blog. Anyway, I love this lady too! I love her sense of humor and outfits she creates. She posts great quality pictures (a lil about her, she says this, "Two years ago, I followed my husband to his hometown and instead of having a baby..."). Recently one of her outfits featured colored blocking with two bright colors, very fun!

Lilly's Style -- I found her via Pinterest. I see her outfits pinned all of the time. I think the reason for that is she has a very reasonable style and because she tells where you can buy similar or exact items that she's wearing. She has fun mixing things up with blazers, thin belts, button up shirts, sweaters, cute high heels/boots and all other wonderful clothing items. I could easily replicate many of her outfits and I love that about her style. I just wished she showed her pretty face more though! 

This Chick's Got Style -- This is the very first fashion blog I started following, well over a year ago. Yara is a neat young lady, about my age, and lives in Amsterdam. She's a fashion editor at Elle and has had her blog featured in lots of big magazines around Europe. Her style is edgy and simple. I love her clear vivid photography style as well. Fun blog!

What Kate Wore -- I just love, love, love this blog! I will admit, happily, that I am a huge Kate Middleton fan. I think we're sisters at heart (haha), as we both love cream and navy blue/blues. I love how she dresses ladylike, which of course is required, but does it with her own pizazz. This blog does a fab job of following her fashion and helps us get to know the Duchess a little better. The author of the blog is great at being professional and appropriate in talking about Kate and I like that very much.

the little things we do -- Thanks to a cousin I got introduced to this blog and I really enjoy reading it. Lauren's blog is a mixture of posts about her life (she recently had a darling baby girl), fashion (love her somewhat funky & simple style-- very PNWish), simplicity and many other great topics. I love that Lauren is a fellow PDX-er! On most Fridays she does this great post called "Fill in the Blank Friday" and anyone who wants to can follow along and link up. Check her out!

Alrighty... so there you have it! If you want to feel inspired on spicing up your wardrobe, I suggest you check these ladies out. If you have any fashion favs, share 'em! I always enjoy checking new ones out. :) 

Happy Sunday!!!

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