Monday, January 16, 2012

Great Extra Day Off

I feel somewhat guilty for not having this post be dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I do have things to say but am not wanting to link the words together tonight. I don't think there is no wrong time to write about him, however. Talk about him and his legacy shouldn't be confined to a particular day.

I do owe MLK thanks for this awesome Monday, the extra weekend day was a blessing. Besides having to take my cat to the vet (poor thing he had to get a wound fixed up and is now sporting a bright blue Elizabethan collar), the rest of the day was great. My friend Jennifer and I finally got to get together and we did some shopping. I have had a big hankering to go shopping, been feeling rather hemmed in these days. I felt "free as my hair" today :)

Before getting to my priority item, I got my cell phone cover screen replaced. Nice to have a screen that isn't full of bubbles-- the guy at kiosk was kind enough to replace it (had been there a lil over two weeks ago). Thankfully it didn't take long and we browsed H & M in which I bought a $14.95 navy cardigan. I would've tried on my other items but the lines were long. I'll go back another day next month.

Jennifer and I needed sustenance so we got a Jamba Juice drink. I thoroughly enjoyed my Orange Dream Machine... Mmm tastes good on any day but better when recovering from a cold.

Then we were off on my main clothing item: a pair of skinny legging jeans. We checked Gap but no luck, but I did get to see and touch their super cute (and probably nearly perfect) "1969" skinny jeans... For about $90, those pants weren't coming home with me. I didn't try them on either. Why pine over something like that?

So we went across the way to Hollister where Jennifer has had success. A nice gal was working on the jean wall when we walked in and offered to help. I told her what I was looking for and we figured out three sizes of stretchy skinny jeans to try on. Within two tries I found the pair!!

I will admit it was challenging thinking of spending $49.50 on a pair of jeans BUT I have been needing a new pair for quite some time, Hollister (I am hoping/believing) is decent quality, and these can go with a couple different outfits. So with that said it was a good purchase. It is so nice to have a pair of jeans that fit right! Guess bras and jeans are two things worth spending a little extra money for -- though I have yet to spend more than $30 on a bra.

After getting my happy jeans we checked out several over stores. I bought another blue cardigan at Abercrombie & Fitch, a store I never ever shop in (and I was quickly reminded when I was nearly gassed with their perfume as I walked in the entrance, whew). I am fairly happy with my $22 cardigan. I think it is reasonable to spend up to (about) $20 on tops (a good rule I learned from a very frugal cousin!).

So overall today was good and productive. I didn't go crazy with spending and got three good pieces of clothing. :)

Hope y'all had a great Monday whether you were working or playing!

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