Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Week Ago, Today

One week ago, today, my little sister got married. The day was beautiful and everything came together smoothly.

--Seeing how beautiful my sis looked when she put on her dress
-- Feeling ecstatic about how my dress slipped on and looked better than I remembered!
--Laughing with my sister about how I was the nervous one; she was pretty calm the whole time
-- My aunts popping in at the bridal room as we were getting ready; everyone was so helpful and full of hugs!
-- My mom and my Aunt Shari sharing tears over the symbolism in Sarah's bouquet: the white flower in hers represented Papa (who passed away several years ago) and the red in mine represented Granny.
-- Sharing those final moments with my sis before we walked up the stairs to the foyer
-- Waiting with my parents and sister, all scrunched up so that no one would see Sarah.
-- Being told by the wedding planner to get to the doors to walk with the best man down the aisle. Funny thing is, she told us when to walk in but I wasn't totally sure since she went somewhere temporarily. Oh well! We walked down fine though probably faster than necessary from nerves. I enjoyed it though..
-- When walking down the aisle I loved seeing family and friends who came to support Sarah & D. I was surprised to see certain ones there, which was fun. After glancing at those in the pews, I smiled at D. He looked so ready to see his bride!
-- Once getting to my place by the pastor, the music was supposed to change for Sarah. The organist, not having done a wedding at the church before, lost her place in the program for a few seconds. Guess she had played "Trumpet Voluntary" when I walked down the aisle with the best man. Anyhow, that was the song that Sarah wanted for her entrance... The pastor kindly told the organist to play the music and then Sarah, Mom and Dad walked down the aisle.
-- As Sarah walked down the aisle the whole experience started to feel surreal. I couldn't pinch myself but I wanted to. "Really?! Is this happening?!" In some ways it kind of felt like we had all dressed up and were putting on a fancy show... but nope, it was the reality and it is still sinking in.
-- When Sarah was walking down the aisle I loved seeing the smile on her face and the happiness on D's as well. I couldn't decide who I wanted to look at so I glanced several times back and forth to see their faces.
--Instead of a unity candle, Sarah & D did the signing of the marriage license. I'll always remember the beautiful music, "This Marriage" by Eric Whitacre that played during this part of the ceremony.
--The relief when the ceremony was over, and we circled around the sanctuary to come back for pictures. Sarah and D raced out of there and hugged each other tightly. Very sweet.
--Though it wasn't pleasant, it is memorable about Sarah's struggle with her dress. Unfortunately, it was really tight so she felt close to fainting when we were taking family pictures. During the reception a cousin and I loosened her dress and used clothes pins to hold the zipper together.
-- The beautiful reception tables decorated by two of my cousins and their mom. They did a spectacular job!
--Tasty lasagna, salad, and cheese bread (was able to get down some of it- spent most of the time flying around talking to people).
-- Giving the toast and feeling oh so nervous! I knew what I wanted to say but I felt emotional and nervous. Much of the toast is a blur, but I know I spoke from my heart and that is all that matters. I just wanted to let my sis and bro know that they're supported and that I am so happy for them.
--The unexpected and wonderful toast given my the best man, D's younger brother. He was very well spoken and also expressed support for this newly married couple. I was touched that he was able to verbalize his feelings. I know that meant a lot to D and his family.
-- Sarah & D cutting the cake, Sarah was very happy that there was a Christmas cake knife on the table. They kindly gave each other a piece of cake. So glad they didn't smash it on each other's face! They couldn't though because D was in uniform and that wouldn't have been too good.
-- Sarah & D's first dance to "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice. I am so glad they chose a country song!
-- Dancing with Granny (she boogied down!), cousins, an uncle, and some other family members. Everyone got involved when the "YMCA" song played. It is a family favorite so we had a good time dancing and singing!
-- Being silly with my cousins as we moved to the music!
-- Sarah and D doing the garter toss before they got ready to leave. Sarah loved her Army garter belt. Funny thing is it was caught by her friend's brother.
-- Cheering for Sarah & D as they left the church to get into the town car. :) As they left the church, the bells rang for them. The incredibly thoughtful custodian helped to make that possible. So special!
-- As Sarah and D were leaving, I couldn't help but watch his dad's face. Those were the last few moments for D's dad to see him (as D left on the 1st). When the car departed I made sure to give his dad a hug. We both needed that.

... And those are all the memories I can list for today! I am just trying to have this day recorded for me personally and for some family members. As I say, this blog is primarily for me and if others read, then great! :)

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