Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowy Sunday in Pictures

Today has been a very low-key kind of day. Just what I needed as I am still not totally well yet (and you are fine in asking me why I am still up! haha I tend to stay up later than I should...). We did get some snow showers; they were more like squalls. Snow, then sun break, snow then sun break. This quite typical mild Winter weather in the PNW until you finally get the right combo that makes it snow for hours... I hope we get one of those good storms sometime this year!

I am quite pleased that we got some of that "white stuff." At one point we got a decent burst of snow which lasted probably 45 minutes from start to finish (as in melt rapidly!). I took advantage of the beauty and snapped several pictures. I'll share some with you...

Beginning of the short snow "storm" haha And not my greatest picture but hey it's lazy Sunday and I'm sick ;-)

If you look closely (might have to click on the pic), you can see geese flying overhead :)

Towards the end... the only time when I don't like to see sunshine and blue skies appearing!
If only my camera could capture what I saw through my eyes--  the snow melting created large drops of water on the branches and they glistened in the sunshine. They looked so pretty as they fell fast to the ground. Just one of Nature's many treasures :)

Good night!!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very, very pretty pics! I love big snowflakes like that!