Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach Vacation

I said I would write about my week at the beach (June 27th-July 4th) so here it is : On June 27th, Mom and I picked up Granny and headed off for our girls' week. Due to a big accident on the highway 18, there was a large traffic build-up through Grand Rhonde-- it took us about 45 minutes extra to get to PC. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed each other's company. We were certainly glad to get to our beach house though!

The whole week was very nice. I spent LOTS of time in the brown chair reading, reading, and more reading. I absolutely love that chair! I can see all of the beach house and I have a great view of the outside. I seriously think I could stay there for months. haha

To sum up the beach trip and not make this a huge journal entry I am going to list out things that I enjoyed or events that happened.... (I am also doing this because my cousin makes great lists and I love reading them!)

-- Granny's funny muttering & mannerisms, like Rabbit from "Winnie the Pooh"
-- People watching on the beach and from the beach house
-- Feeling of the sand beneath my feet
-- Amazing fresh beach air
-- Weeded out the border by grass with Mom
-- Watched planes take off & land
-- Spotted boats out in the ocean
-- Enjoyed the quietness of Pacific City.... so different from metro area
-- High tea at La Tea Da in Tillamook on Tuesday, absolutely delightful!
-- Loved time away from the computer & outside world
-- Thoroughly enjoyed the brown chair
-- Monitored the fishermen's activity on the river
-- Watched the seagulls and birds fly through the air
-- Good night kisses from Granny
-- Bought a few postcards
-- Browsed local shops for fun
-- Became an "expert cloud definer" with Mom & Granny (from watching the sunsets)
-- Finished 1 book, started & finished another book, and started another!
-- Took lots and lots of pictures, especially of the beach nature; can't get enough!
-- Ate healthy and tasty meals
-- Got good deals at the outlet mall (6 tank tops and with a gift card too)
-- Ate out at Mo's after shopping at the mall (Thursday)
-- Tasty treats: ice cream in PC & Moose Munch chocolate bars
-- Watched the city lights come on after the sun set
-- Good walks with Mom.... we did a 4.5 mi walk around town on Friday
-- Collected seashells
-- Loved Granny's positive attitude even when the fridge wasn't working - we used my uncle's small fridge until we could get the other repaired
-- Enjoyed the buoy sounds throughout the week
-- The tingly stingy feel of the cold cold ocean on my feet
-- Loved the gorgeous weather on Saturday... sunshine and blue skies
-- Sarah, Dustin & Dad came over on Saturday
-- Professional fireworks show on July 3rd (watched it from the brown chair!)

Ahhhh wonderful week... I hope that there is time to spend another week there this summer!

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Elizabeth said...

Brown? I always thought it was maroon--although the way that comfy bad boy has been fading it definitely could be brown now! :) Glad you enjoyed it. Your description of Granny was hilarious and on the money! Definitely sounds like it was relaxing and wonderful...almost felt like maybe I was there. Love ya!