Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Two Favorite Places

*Slightly random post but this blog serves a variety of purposes. This is one of those "get to know me better" postings. And also just for fun!*

I was just looking my friend Kristin's pictures, who lives in Arizona. Seeing her pictures makes me miss Arizona a lot and her too. Though I feel so fortunate for what I have here I feel like there's a piece of my heart in that desert. There's also a big piece in the ocean too. If I ever have to move for some reason (or decide to) it will be to Arizona. It's the only other place in the U.S. where I'd want to live.

In my kind of world, I would have Arizona and Oregon right next to each other. ;-)

My two favorite places in this world are Phoenix, Arizona...

And Pacific City, Oregon....

I can't get enough of both!

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