Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Good Little Things

The little things are most worthwhile

A quiet word, a look, a smile.

A listening ear that's quick to share

Another's thoughts, another's care.

Though sometimes they may seem quite small,

These little things mean most of all.

When I arrived at Granny's house yesterday I took my tote upstairs. I've only been up those stairs a "few" times in the past seven years. However, this decoration caught my eye this time. I read through the lines twice and thought to myself, "Wow, that is so true."

Granny is an excellent example of appreciating others through the little things. She is always so thoughtful and considerate of other people. Whether we’re shopping at the grocery store, walking to or from somewhere, at church or in a parking lot, wherever—she is kind to anyone she meets.

For example, this past Sunday when Mom, Granny and I were at the restaurant we noticed a sling on the hostess’ arm. Granny was concerned about why the hostess was wearing a sling. When we were exiting the restaurant, Granny stopped and asked the hostess about her arm. We learned it was actually for her collarbone, she recently had surgery. I thought it was so caring how Granny made sure to ask that girl about her arm. But that’s Granny; that is how Granny is all of the time.

Another example is from just yesterday when Granny and I were shopping in Hallmark. When we were finished making the card purchases, Granny carried on a little conversation with the salesgirl (who was probably close to my age). We found out that the girl’s birthday was this weekend and she was hoping to head to the beach to celebrate. The girl was fun to talk to; Granny and I both enjoyed the conversation. So often times, it is easy to purchase the item(s) and then leave the store with little acknowledgement to the salesperson. However, Granny makes every transaction personal. It’s not just about getting the items but taking the time to notice the person. That is love through the little things.

I could continue give many examples of Granny’s kindness. While I am convinced that Granny’s love for others is just part of who she is, I know that it is also because she believes in the One who is Love. I hope and pray that my life will be evidence of God’s love, like Granny’s.

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