Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pictures for Previous Post

I'm sorry that I did not get these pictures posted any sooner. Every day I have been wanting to write but just have not had the time. I've been working every day since Wednesday (tomorrow ends my 6 day streak) so I have not had much free time! I'm hoping that after tomorrow there will be some normalcy. haha We shall see!

I'm pretty tired this evening so I am just going to post these pictures to go along with my previous post, "Keep the Change, Throw Out the Junk."

(Here's all of the items we gave away on Friday! And yes, I did end up needing my flash anyway, thanks to the clouds. haha And the tree and plants you see are fake ones. We are tired of dusting them and we don't like them anymore. We still have some in our house, my guess is will get rid of them all within the next year or so.)

(Here are the Frappucino bottles I was talking about. I hope it is okay to post this picture too. But I wanted ya'll to see what I mean. One bottle for all the regular coins and then the other for the new quarters with the state picture/designs on 'em.)

Oh, and before I end this blog tonight I want to note that Granny had dinner at our house this evening. She had been hanging out here today while my aunt and uncle took care of some errands. I wasn't sure if she would be here when I got home from work. She was though! She stayed with us for dinner; it was great to spend time with her. She has really improved since she got back to Oregon. She's able to move fairly smoothly with the walker and she doesn't look as tired. I'm so blessed that she has recovered and is staying positive no matter what. :) Praise God!

Hope you all have had a good weekend! I'll try to write more again-- crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

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Nikki said...

Awww that is so nice that you had your Grandmom over for dinner! Its nice to have family over for dinners especially. I always feel like theres nothing better than talking and having laughs over nourishing good food. That is wonderful that she is doing well!