Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I'm For-- the Angela Version

My cousin Elizabeth, on her blog, Simply Authentic inspired me to write this "What I'm For" poem. She was inspired by the song "What I'm For" by Pat Green. She wrote her own version on her blog post.

Here is what I'm about at this present time... Hope you enjoy...

What I'm For-- the Angela Version

I'm for following Jesus, making Him the center of my life,
For firmly believing that God will sustain our planet as long as He wants,
Yet, am for respecting His marvelous creation, as He gave humankind authority over it all.
That means being compassionate towards fellow humans and animals.

I'm for living a simple lifestyle, one little change at a time.
For using less resources and harmful chemicals,
Recycling, re-using and natural/organic products.
I'm for being frugal: spending less and saving more,
Paying off debts big and small,
For wanting what I have and only buying what I need.

For making mistakes and learning from them.
I'm for moving on from the stumble,
And going over the hurdle.

I'm for taking advantage of warm sunny days,
For washing my laundry in cold water (always) and then,
Line drying everything,
Nothing like crisp fresh bedding and sweet smelling clothes.

For solving mental and physical issues naturally before trying Western medicine,
Yes, there are exceptions to this at times.
I'm for furthering my education by learning from others and college courses,
For reading for enjoyment and learning:
The Bible, autobiographies, biographies and memoirs are some of my favorites,
And of course a variety of fiction and non-fiction books.

I'm for discovering meaningful quotes, song lyrics and Bible verses,
For exercising (running for me) to prevent future physical ailments,
For the wonderful moments with my cat.

I'm for taking pictures of special moments or things that catch my eye,
For scrapbooking and card-making; writing and receiving "snail mail,"
Saying and writing thank you.
For maintaining and strengthening relationships with friends and family,
For supporting those in the U.S. military and their families,
Soldiers are my heroes and celebrities-- they sacrifice their lives for us.

I'm for being kind to every person I meet,
For professionalism and sincerity.
For growing as an educator so that I can make an impact,
I'm also an advocate for children-- for their rights and welfare.
I am for being that person children know they can trust without a doubt.

I'm for parents taking their roles seriously and gracefully,
For parents being active in their child's education and life.
For parents not letting the consequences of their mistakes to burden their child,
Children should never have to suffer for their parent's poor choices,
Unfortunately, they always do.

I'm for adopting children and giving them a loving home.
For the Operation Christmas Child organization,
And for de-cluttering: giving away items to those less fortunate than me.

I'm for the freedom that allows me to choose my political views,
Currently, I have certain conservative and environmental values,
I refuse to vote on social issues ever again,
God is the Judge, not me.
As for the government and its spending, I just know it is all a mess.

I'm for being eclectic about Biblical theologies,
No theology is just right for me,
I'm for my relationship with Jesus and His Word being the ultimate in my life.

I'm for enjoying nature,
Looking at the stars, the breathtaking rainbow and the delights of each season,
I'm for the tranquility of the beach and the boldness of the desert,
For gardening-- growing vegetables, fruit and flowers.
I'm for eating locally and organically when possible,
For water, tea, hot chocolate, decaf coffee and the occasional alcoholic beverage.

I'm for learning how to be a self-sustaining individual,
For myself and before I am in a relationship with a man,
I'm for changing my mind, re-evaluating my values and goals,
I'm for just being me because I'm here for a purpose,
And nobody else can do my job better than me.


Janelle said...

Would you mind be copying that into your "about me" section on "Lights in His World"? :-)

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Janelle said...

... Or linking to it?

Simply Authentic said...

ah, LOVE it. So well done cuz! I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I'm pretty sure you're my biggest blog fan these days and it's neat. BTW I'm thinking about doing a weekly running check in on my blog to help with accountability--I wasn't sure if Sarah and you would want to be in or not.....