Monday, September 27, 2010

Work Hard and Play Hard

Not sure how long this post will be but I wanted to write about this past weekend before it got too far away from me...

This weekend I house-sat for my mom's friend and took care of the lady's three pugs. I'm not a big fan of dogs but I enjoyed having some space to myself that was quiet and relaxing (with the occasional snorting and barking sounds!). I was able to get my assignment and reading done for my class on Tuesday. Feels good to have that all done! The only thing I need to do is finish typing it up but at least the actual work part of it is done.

Yesterday I had to work all day so I didn't get to come home until about 5:30pm. As soon as I did I changed from my work clothes and got into my pajamas. I always have to do that when I get home! While I was charging my phone, putting away my overnight bag and all I was asked by Janelle to go out to dinner. I would have gone but felt like it was important to at least stay home long enough to eat a meal with everyone. Also, mom had made this delicious new recipe so I wanted to try it.

After dinner, I checked my phone and saw I had a text message from my new friend Jason. He said that Janelle and her husband wanted to go bowling and wondered if I would be able to join. Since I wanted to hang out with all of them anyway-- I was thrilled they had come up with that idea! So that worked out just fine. Funny part is, when I got to Drew and Janelle's house I saw another text on my phone saying they wanted to go to the 11pm cosmic bowling time. I had to laugh, I'm SO not a night owl! But hey, I was already at their place and I wanted to have some fun. Plus, I think it is good once and awhile to just get out!

I got to their apartment around 8pm so we had a few hours to use up before bowling. It took awhile to agree on something but we finally did. We ended up going to a coffee shop near the library in town, which I have been wanting to go to for years. Whenever I pass by it I always think, "someday I'll try it out!" And now my curiosity has been satisfied. I liked it quite a bit. Apparently, a lot of other people like it too. The seating was fairly crowded but we managed to find an empty table outside. I love how the outside is decorated! On the shrubs around the patio, thee shrubs had strings of white lights on them. Great atmosphere for hanging out!

When we were done with our drinks we set off for the bowling alley. Besides the nasty music videos that were playing on the large screens, we all had a blast. We were able to make light of the potential awkward environment so that was good. Oh, and I didn't fail too miserably... though I am sure the number of my gutter balls was WAY more than my good shots. I just kept saying that I was rockin' the gutter balls. haha

I didn't get into my bed until about 1:20am last night and then had to work all today. Though I am really tired today (and my wrist is wacked out!) it was totally worth it. I'm so glad I got to spend time with Janelle, Drew and Jason! I've missed hanging out with Janelle and Drew since as you know (probably repeated this too much) that I've been crazy busy. So it was a good opportunity to just have fun with them. Plus it was another great time to get to know Jason too-- it's a blessing to make a new friend!

Tonight I'm going to get some more social time in.. heading over to Janelle and Drew's place for Bible study. Not sure how I'll be conscious this evening but I'll manage. haha

Hope you all had a good weekend! :)

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Anonymous said...

Angela, I am enjoying the depth and honesty of your posts, and am glad to be joining in Kathie's "Season of Reflection" with you. I also am very inspired by your deep faith, and how openly you are able to share of it. Go God!