Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stuck Like Glue

"There you go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again, heart beat again,
There you go making me feel like a kid,
Won't you do it and do it one time?
There you go pulling me right back in,
Right back in, right back in,
And I know I'm never letting this go...

I'm stuck on you,
Stuck like glue,
You and me baby we're stuck like glue...."
I just love this new country song called "Stuck Like Glue" that's out by Sugarland! Sugarland sings this song with a lot of enthusiasm, as usual, and the beat is very catchy. It is one of the songs that I blast in my car when it plays on the radio!

"Stuck Like Glue" is really a love song but I think it can actually be about friendship too. I think that good friendships can be likened to glue. The effort, love, commitment, acceptance, respect, joy, sympathy, empathy, memories (and many other things) are the ingredients in that bond called friendship. For your visual purposes, when I say the word glue I'm actually thinking of that liquid Elmer's stuff. The kind that makes us shudder when we think little kids experimenting with it because... well, glue has the potential to be very messy, especially if there's glitter, feathers and pom-poms involved.

Tissue paper, beads, and cotton balls aside, friendship-- like glue, is that wonderful adhesive between two people. Of course, like hardened glue between two sides, there is the possibility of the bond weakening over time through aging and weathering. To prevent this from happening, sometimes the glue needs to be reapplied in different areas--- the weak spots need to be evaluated and filled in (if it is meant to be). Sometimes a little more glue is needed just to strengthen the bond even more. And in the case of new friendships, that glue is fresh and takes time to fasten together. If you've ever watched a kid with a whole wad of glue, attempting to stick two pieces of material together, it's quite hilarious. It is particularly interesting because the glue tends to get everywhere. The two pieces of material tend to slide against each other until firmly pressed in place.

With that said, I had a great Labor Day weekend. I spent most of my time with my friends, which was such a blessing. I enjoyed being out and about-- enjoying that thing called freedom. ;)

On Saturday evening, after work, I went over to Janelle and Drew's apartment. They were hosting an open-house party for Janelle's birthday. I enjoyed getting to see their friends again (met them at Drew's party in July). I also learned that when one turns 24 it must be the "Year of the Flower" or something gets tweaked in the minds of party-goers. Yes, everybody, including me, that came to Janelle's party brought her flowers-- bouquets or potted ones. It was pretty hilarious! Janelle's apartment looked like a very pretty spring garden. haha

Janelle's party was very fun. I'm so glad that I was able to celebrate with her and everyone else. I enjoyed getting to know her friends better. We also played a few rounds of a Bible Trivia game. We started out with the adult questions but they were a bit too challenging for us. So, we went on to the kids' version... much better!

On Sunday, I went down to Salem for the day to visit my good friend Andrea. We both try to see each other every month. When I visit her for lunch, I usually stay with Granny overnight. However, Granny is staying at my aunt's house now as she recovers. I didn't see Andrea last month because my schedule was hectic and I didn't know what all was going on with the family. Since we've made the commitment to see each other, I felt it was important to uphold that-- totally worth the gas and drive (love the drive actually- it's through the beautiful country). I'm so glad that distance cannot separate good friends.

When I got home in the late afternoon on Sunday, I had a little time to change out of my cute outfit to something more comfortable. Drew, Janelle and Jason picked me up to go to Drew's company picnic. Friends and family were included in the picnic announcement, which is why Jason and I were included. The four of us had a great time hanging out together-- it was fun to get to know Jason better too. While Drew participated in some of the funny company activities (like the water balloon toss and seed spitting contest), Janelle, Jason and I attempted to keep ourselves warm- we sat around most of the time and chatted. Yeah, it was a VERY chilly day for a picnic. There is no doubt the seasons are changing.

After the picnic was over, we still wanted to hang out. We attempted to go to the 24 hour Starbucks but it wasn't open, probably due to holiday hours. So, thankfully, Moonstruck was open! Even though we had been cold from the picnic we decided to sit outside in the courtyard, but it wasn't too bad. The courtyard was fairly protected from the wind and my hot chocolate kept me quite comfortable. Plus, we all were thoroughly enjoying each other's company. That was a great way to unwind (as Janelle perfectly stated)...

Hope that you all had a great Labor Day weekend too!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Flowers when you turn 24? I can't remember but it sounds like a nice idea! Now, it sounds like a great weekend and I adore the song you posted!