Friday, May 20, 2011

Falling into Chaos

Here I am. It is May 20th, 2011 and I am finally writing. Goodness, I have been HORRIBLE this year with writing. It's not that I don't have a lot to write about but I haven't been making time for it. Between school, substituting, and my part-time job I have been extremely busy and worn out. 

A week or two ago I came across an article on CNN that had a title similar to the one I'm using for this blog. When I saw the headline I thought, "yes! That is how I feel!" Needless to say, this title accurately describes how I have been feeling for most of this year, especially in the last few months. I feel like I have been in "survival mode" for far too long. I am definitely not balanced like I used to be but have high hopes for getting back to a healthier way of living soon.

There have been a few changes in my life as of recently and I'm thankful to say that they've been good ones. Just recently, I received a job offer from Sylvan Learning Center. I interviewed with the director over a year ago but there weren't any positions available in my interest area. My sister works at this particular center, not as a teacher though. Anyway, my sister told me that the director had positions available and that I should get in contact with her. So I called the director up and she informed me that she would be happy to give me a position! After looking at my summer school schedule and figuring out how to deal with my current PT job, I confirmed that I would love working at Sylvan. Now I am a tutor/teacher there! I started training this week... it has been a good experience so far but overwhelming, as new things always are.

With that being said, early last week I put in my two weeks notice to my part-time job at Hallmark. I was very nervous about resigning as this all happened so quickly. Thankfully, my manager was encouraging and understanding. She said she knew I wasn't always going to be at the store, but didn't expect for it all to change so soon. I was very relieved! She also has allowed me to work my last two weeks, which is a wonderful blessing. I will miss being at the store-- I absolutely love the cards! In my time at the store, a few months shy of a year, I have made great friends and have met quite a few interesting people. I feel like they have all made an impact on me in some shape or form. The experiences I have had at the store will always be with me too. I learned so much from them and they have helped to make me stronger. It's sad to say goodbye to such a huge blessing, but I know I must take this new (teaching) opportunity.

Anyhow, with this job change, I will have more time for subbing and be able to have a regular schedule. I plan on only working 2 nights per week at Sylvan so that will be really nice. This change couldn't have happened at a better time too. Grad school is going to be fairly intense this summer-- taking 9 credits (not at once but all within a month and a half).  I also have a practicum for my ESOL endorsement this Fall... so I was already worried about coordinating Hallmark with all of this. Praise God! It has all been worked out. I never had to worry... just like so many other times where I have been unsure... He is so faithful and good.

In addition to the job change, the semester concluded... Yippie! I had to create an ESL unit, which reminded me of the good 'ol work sample days. Ugh. Thankfully it wasn't as intense and didn't require as much detail. Let me tell you though, I was glad to get that turned in! So nice to have a little break from school now. Whew.

So that is the latest and greatest in my life! I think I'm going to make a big note next to my computer that says "BLOG" and perhaps I'll remember to write more than one time every other month. ;-)

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