Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Weekend of May

Since I mentioned in my last post that I was going to talk about the other days I figured I better to do so! I have a very busy day ahead tomorrow and want to get this up here now. I'm going to try to give brief explanations along with a few pictures ;-)

(Not technically part of the weekend, but I'm including it this time!)
My good friend Jennifer and I hung out together. She came over to visit the new little one so that was fun. I'm glad she got to see the baby! After meeting lil Miss Cocoa Puff, Jennifer thought it would be good to get her some more toys. So we headed up to the shopping center area and went to Petco. We found some good items (like the one pictured with the girl in yesterday's post). Then after shopping at that store, Jennifer and I decided to go to a few others in the area. We ended up going to Payless Shoes, Ross, Old Navy (hadn't been in that particular store for over two years-- worked there for awhile), and made a trip to Jamba Juice. I was good about not spending too much, but I did come across a purse that was on sale at Payless. I've been wanting a larger one and this definitely works for me:

I'm thrilled that I only had to pay $14.99 for this beauty! ;-)
Mom and I did some some "mouse housing." We went out and about to stores to get some items. One of the places was Borders and I ended up finding one of the books on my list on sale. Yippie!

$3.99- yes please

We also checked out the new DSW store near us, where I lusted over the purses... but they were way too expensive. In addition to DSW, we went to Trader Joes and then to Fred Meyer. I remembered I had a gift card from Granny for Freddy's and found something I have been wanting for awhile, a new wallet. I was surprised to find one that I liked at Freddy's. I've looked many, many times. 
The wallet cost more than the purse (~$18) but I discovered  I had a little more money on the GC than I thought. Thanks Granny!
One of our other stops included the Dollar Tree. I wanted to get my Hallmark co-workers treats as my "goodbye gift" to them and had the idea to make a bowl full of goodies. Lo and behold, the DT had everything I needed (minus the bags of chips). They had a cute popcorn bowl and lots of candy packs. Such a deal! Mom and I went to Winco to get the chips so overall I didn't spend too much and got everyone covered that way. :)

Sunday was my last day at Hallmark. Thankfully it was very low-key and I got to chat up a storm with my co-worker. We talk about a variety of things from here to the moon so it was a good day. I will certainly miss those people, but I feel so blessed to have made some great friends. Though I'm not working there anymore I know that my friendships will continue with them. What a wonderful experience!

Oh yes, I must mention... For all the months I've worked at Hallmark there has been only one product that I have wanted. Though I couldn't seem to justify spending $6.99 on it the whole 9 months I was there. Of course, I could have gotten a discount from my manager had I bought it while she was working, but I kept telling myself  "no, no, no... you don't need that." Well, I start thinking different on Sunday, "I am going to Forest Park on Monday, I don't want to take my giant purse with me..." And then my co-worker only encourages me to indulge. Well, I bought this lovely item and here she is:

This is a cute claspy wallet! And if you're wondering, I am very glad I got it! Came in handy yesterday :) And I did get Rewards points for it... haha
I don't know why I was so silly about buying this item. In the past month or two I have bought things that I don't necessarily need, but want. I guess it was just that it was at my work and I tried to only buy cards or sometimes gifts for people. Oh well! I'm glad I have it now. We can be funny with what we want huh?

*Forgot to mention- not sure why... but after work on Sunday I drove across town for a lil family barbecue at my aunt and uncle's house. I enjoyed spending time with some of my cousins, two of my aunts, Granny and my uncle. I love how we talk about a variety of things-- from side effects of medications to old family memories. One thing that I remember most from our conversations was the topic of the natural disasters that had recently hit the South/Midwest. I love how my family cares about issues that go on around the country and the world. I feel so blessed for all that I have.

Monday- Memorial Day
I already wrote about this day yesterday so I'm just going to include a picture that I didn't put in that post. It's very important to note how simply wonderful yesterday was.... the weather was fantastic! A great end to the long weekend....

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!!!

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