Sunday, May 22, 2011

We have a new family member!

Our family is finally complete-- we have two precious kitties now...

Yesterday, my mom, sister and sister's boyfriend brought this little baby home... Isn't she just adorable?
She doesn't have a name yet... We're thinking maybe Oreo, Cupcake, or Oreo Cupcake.  What are your suggestions?!
She's so snuggly. Precious lil girl.
Cheese Puff:  Somethin' funny is going on around this place...I KNOW someone in here!
 The Story ~
About a week ago my cousin asked if we were interested in getting another cat. She said a stray cat showed up at her friend's house and they were not able to keep it (they already have a full house!). We have been wanting another kitty, a friend for Cheese Puff, but the right one just hasn't come along. My mom, sister, and I are all suckers for black and white kitties so we have been hoping to get one...

Anyway, I contacted my cousin's friend and she gave me information on this sweet kitty. She also sent along a few pictures, which was wonderful. As soon as I saw them I thought this girl was the cutest black and white cat! However, we still weren't 100% sure. Great news though, my cousin's friend's mother (confused?) has a animal rescue program. So her mother took this kitty to get shots and to be spayed. We got connected with the animal rescue center and my family was able to check her out yesterday. I was out all day with friends so I wasn't able to go, but I knew they would make a good choice in regards to having her. Apparently, they fell in love with this little lady and when I came home there she was, in my sister's bedroom. SO CUTE!

Cheese Puff is a little stressed and unsure about what is happening in his home. They've been able to see each other briefly and in that time they both have gotten a little fluffed. We're trying a new method for introducing our cats; as compared to how we did it with the "Original 3." With our ladies we didn't give them much time but they all learned to deal with one another. I'm sure in time these two will be buddies or at least tolerant of one another. First step though is getting the baby used to the litter box then we can think about introducing these two more formally.

To help Cheese Puff through this transition, Mom got some fun toys today. He's in love with this one toy that has a thick string of fabric and feathers at the end. I played with him for awhile and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He's always ready to play! Big funny boy.

Oh- some fun facts about the cats:

  • We got these two exactly 3 months apart. On February 21st, President's Day we got Cheese Puff. Yesterday, May 21st, Armed Forces Day, we got the baby! Very patriotic cats. haha
  • Baby cat is probably 3-4 months old. She's very tiny!! 
  • Whenever we come up with a name for baby, it will probably be a food name. I think a Sweet & Salty (Cheese Puff) combo would be cute.
  • Combined they're black and orange, which are Oregon State University colors. Go Beavers! :) Yes, that was part of my interest in wanting a black cat.... I think it's kind of funny.
Well, I better head off to bed now. Cheese Puff has already taken a good chunk out of my bed. He doesn't like waiting for me to get ready for bed so he claims his spot and that means I don't have very much space. Oh well. He's lucky I love him!

Have a wonderful night everyone! Hug, kiss and pet your precious animals!


Inspirational Quotes said...

You cats are so cute! I love cats. They are such a beautiful animal.

I noticed on your profile that you like quotes... so do I

I have a quote blog, love you see you there.

<3 Andrea <3 said...

so precious! I'm glad you got a second kitty. I also love orange and black cats. but not for OSU lol ;) let me know when you name her!! :)