Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bountiful Blessings

Today was a good day, full of sunshine and cool fresh breezes. It was also the first day in months that we have had to turn on the heater. Woke up to a very chilly house! Early in the morning, I took care of the cats, bundled up in my bed. Of course, I ended up sleeping in later than desired but oh well...  Getting out of bed was the hardest part of today... as a matter of fact, it is calling me back with fierce so I will try to write this fast...

This afternoon I finally went to check out the produce growing (well, now slowly withering away as the seasons are changing- my cousin's post reminded me I needed to get out there!).

I checked our poor pepper plants that are humbly growing under the massive zucchini "bushes." I did manage to find one yellow pepper on this plant, and then a mostly red one on the other. Wonder if these greenies will change with the sunshine this week.

While checking out the veggies, I came across this fellow (or lady but I assume it's a gentleman)! He was happily resting on the leaf; that or too scared to move. He was probably thinking, "when is this crazy camera lady going to leave?! I am HOT on this leaf!" Poor fella.

I couldn't resist... he was so good to me just sitting there... Perhaps he's a prince! ;-)

Cheesie enjoyed accompanying me to the garden, and then he rested after we were done picking. It's hard work being the guardian of the garden. 
We still have some roses blooming... my favorite: Double Delight.

Here are all my pickings from today! Four small tomatoes (would've taken a picture of the bushes but they look rather sad now), and two peppers. Check out that redish green one! haha I am going to see if it ripens more if I keep it in the window tomorrow.
**Now for the exciting news!!!

For Granny's birthday, this wonderful organization called PEO (a women's philanthropic group) collected money to create a scholarship in Granny's name, in honor of her 100th birthday. Since the scholarship is in Granny's name, she had the option of choosing who she wanted to give it to. So as you can guess, Granny so kindly and lovingly chose me! Since I am going to an expensive private school (and a grad program-- combine that all and you have a headache ha ha), she felt that I could use it. Let me tell you, wow I feel so blessed!! Any money that I don't have to take from federal loans is so stress-relieving. I have such a thoughtful Granny- as I said in an impromptu speech about her, she protects those she loves. She is always about others first, not herself.

She called this evening and it felt great to talk with her! I let her know that the check arrived and how happy I was for this financial blessing. :)

Hope you all have had a blessed Wednesday! Happy Fall!

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