Monday, September 19, 2011

Couch to 5k REDO

So I have started the Couch to 5k Running Plan again. I have recently completed the first 3 weeks, so I am a third of the way done!

As you know a year ago, I stopped right in the middle of the program. I got pretty sick last Fall and then my schedule got incredibly hectic...and I shoved running right off my plate of activities.

Out of (mostly) random, I decided to finally get back into it and work towards finishing the whole program. I want to be healthier, have nicer looking legs (though nothing can change the fact that I am pasty white), and feel more relaxed overall. Whenever I run I feel released mentally and physically-- as I have mentioned before, I love that feeling of breathing more deeply. Now that I have started exercising again, I feel that desire to keep continuing... all because it feels so good.

I have also made this plan extra fun-- I am tapping into my "inner child" and teacher-office-supply-obsessed-ways:

Yes, that is my running plan on my bulletin board and looking all pretty (if you want to know more about making that actual template it is easy, I used Word & copied and pasted the running work outs from the website version).

And if you look closer you will see that...
1) I write the date of completion on each workout... I get to use one of my fun "fancy" Pilot pens (oh the office supply nerdiness!)
2) Check out those stickers! Yes they are Dr. Seuss!! Last year sometime I found a half used sheet of them in a pants pocket, from some sub job. I always meant to return them and forgot so I am being resourceful in using them (yeah, yeah, I know that sounds fishy haha).
3) If you look at the other picture you will notice there is a special order to the stickers-- the ultimate way to organize anything: RAINBOW order! :)

If you would like to do this plan yourself check out this website. :)

Happy Running!!!

P.S. This lady, Sara at Domestically Challenged is an awesome marathon runner! She talks about running quite a bit along with her humorous and candid life stories (and serious ones too- she has some real hurdles in her life -- yes pun intended).

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh! I got tears in my eyes at your shout out and forgot the rest of what I was going to say! Thank you from my heart!