Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Substituting Season Begins

Note I got from a 3rd grader last year
Yesterday I started back into subbing for the school year! I subbed at a new school that is close to home (but for a teacher I know from last year- she got moved this school due to budget issues).

Last year this teacher had second grade and this year she has fourth. It is quite the switch but I am excited to know this age group of kids better.

I am thrilled to say it was a positive experience overall. The kids were good (thankfully!) and didn't test the boundaries too much. I had tricks in my bag (literally) but didn't need to pull them out. I think I will use one of them next time I sub, but we shall see. As a sub it is important to always have backup plans and well, bribery. haha

One thing I am always intrigued with is how fast time passes while I teach. Perhaps that is because I have learned to just look at one piece of the day at a time. Before I know it I am getting the students organized to go home!

(side note: I was going to finish this post hours ago and then had to pick my sis up... so pardon the disjoint)

My day was very kid involved since I had to tutor in the evening as well. For the past week I have been working two hours in both nights versus three. Of course, on the day that I sub I end up getting scheduled for three. I didn't mind too much because 1) I get to sit in a comfy chair, 2) time goes fast there as well and 3) the kids pretty good for the most part.

The second hour of tutoring was quite the handful, however. I had two middle school students, one of which is new to the center. Oh heavens, that new kid (a raging hormonal 7th grader) was a talker! I was thankful that only once the two kids got real chatty with each other. Most of the time the one student was trying to figure out "cinnamons" (synonyms) and antonyms. In between helping him, the new kid told me about how he won a contest with his friends. They competed to see who could drink the most Rockstar energy drinks in the summer. Apparently he had a total of 200... Um, summer break isn't that long... It wasn't a surprise to me when he mentioned getting into a fight earlier yesterday. Suppose withdrawal symptoms had anything to do with it?! Needless to say, I was quite amused.

Kids, kids, kids! I love working with them but am sure glad to come home at the end of the day. :)

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