Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Well, well, well, it is now Saturday, September 10th and I am finally writing about Labor Day Weekend. I am great about being consistent in my delayed postings. *sigh* For that reason, I am thankful that this blog is primarily for my enjoyment and if others happen to read it, then that is fine and dandy. :)

So, I will try to recall what all happened last weekend, which was quite a bit. I had a great LDW and hope ya'll did too. I can already say that it was much better than this one, as I am sitting here a bit uncomfortable due to sore tonsils and a slightly stuffed nose. I am a bit irritated to be sick but let's hope it doesn't get any worse... and maybe this will be my only fall seasonal cold. Please oh please. No mas!
Friday - September, 2nd:
First football game of the season! My high school alma mater played their first game and at home so it was pretty darn exciting. Warriors vs Lincoln. I am happy to say we won! 35 to 12. :)

I was only able to stay until half-time because I was going to have a sleepover at Jennifer's house. Actually, we were "tenting." Her mom recently bought a tent and she wanted to test it out in her backyard. We had a good time! We woke to the next morning covered in dew- at first when I woke up I thought I slobbered a lot (not something I do typically but hey it was an initial reaction!)... But as sat up and removed the sleeping bag from my body, hundreds of dew drops trickled down to the tent floor. I was amused!

Saturday - September 3rd:
Since I woke up at Jennifer's I spent some time with her that day. We ended up going to the Woodburn Outlets because there were some good deals going on. Her mom invited me to come along so I took the offer. Lady time and shopping is always a good combo. Prior to heading to the stores, Jennifer's mom kindly treated us to Noah's Bagels. One of my favorite places to eat at! While we were eating breakfast/brunch we were amused with all the sports fans. That Saturday was the start of college football games for the state- so many people were dressed in either OSU or U of O colors (the two state teams were playing other teams, not each other). The rivalry is revved up again. Ah, I love football season. :)

Of course, we ended up meeting several of those fans on the freeway but thankfully we weren't going too far. Jennifer, her mom, and I shopped for about two or so hours. I saw a few cute items at the Gap Outlet store and Banana Republic but they were still too spendy... so I lusted. haha I also wasn't really in the mood to spend too much money. I haven't been wanting to spend a lot since my CR trip. I will admit though that I am quite sick of my work slacks, two pairs of shoes I have worn to pieces, and a few others... but nothing felt worth it enough to spend $. Oh well, I still enjoyed myself and had fun just being with Jennifer and her mom. It was a good day :)

The day concluded with hanging out with B and a few of his friends. We parted ways at a reasonable time so we could rest up for the adventure the next day would bring...

Sunday - September 4th: 
This was my favorite day, hands down. I could write a blog post all on this day but I will share just the main events. B and I hiked ~6.5 miles to and from Tunnel Falls at Eagle Creek, on the Columbia Gorge. Oh wow. Yeah, so it totaled about 14 miles when we were done (when you add in the walk to the main trailhead etc).

If you live in the PNW, near this area, I suggest that you go on this hike! I loved every part of it- despite the fact that I was/am not conditioned for such a physical experience AND that I had multiple "war wounds" afterwards... I am hooked on hiking and it is now my motivation to get in good shape! I must say though that I am proud that I completed the hike. 14 miles is pretty darn good. Here are some pictures....

Yes, we made it to the end of the map!

Passed over a few small bridges like this!
Beautiful clear water!
The destination: TUNNEL FALLS! I was so happy to see this!!! 
I was a bit exhausted at this point but oh so happy. haha
On the way back- to and from the falls we had to pass through some of these areas. They were challenging, more so because of the heat. These places are what contributed to me cracking several toenails. Totally worth it though. ;-)
A wonderful naturally made rest area... We spent some time here  to & from. I  loved cooling myself off with that fresh water!
Trailhead... We made it! Awesome hike and I can't wait to do it again!
Good websites for Eagle Creek :
William Sullivan's Oregon Hikes
Portland Hikers' site

Monday - September 5th (Labor Day): 
Besides feeling like I was Methusela- oh yes did I feel stiff, achy in my back, and exhausted... Labor Day was a fabulous day! haha Mom, Sarah and I went to Gales Creek in the afternoon to cool off our feet. This also gave Mom a chance to relax, which she needs quite a bit these days. Going to Gales Creek was a great way to relax, especially since the weekend was very warm.

GC also has lovely clear water!

Labor Day evening concluded with making my most favorite summer sandwich. I got this idea from a lady I had class with several years ago. Toast two bread slices and add lettuce, tomatoes (fresh from our garden! Yay for a good tomato season!), few slices of cheddar cheese and a little bit of mustard. Mom made hers more into a BLT so I had a slice of bacon to go along with mine. You can make your sandwich however you want but this is my preferred way! Delicious.

Hope you had a great LDW too!

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