Thursday, September 1, 2011

Solution to an All-Day Problem

Heavenly days, I don't know what is with me. I am into long titles today. It's good though- a break from my usual neat, crisp and tidy ways on here...

Anyway, more importantly, I finally solved my cravings. All day long I have been needing something sweet, maybe chocolately, and preferably cool. Although despite those specifications I have also been wanting this delicious cobbler from a great soup place nearby.... Too lazy to go get some. Then... after going back and forth on what I want it hit me: frozen yogurt. OF COURSE!

When I went to the movies yesterday with B, we got frozen yogurt...and that only intensified my cravings today. Oh, how I wanted that smooth tasty creamy cool vanilla-y flavor with M & Ms on the top. Not regular M&Ms but mini M&Ms... minis are the best combo with fro yo in my opinion. ;-)

Thanks to my sister and her friend needing a ride this evening, it finally dawned (funny looking word- if you think about it too much... 'dawn' is early and this idea did not come early by any means- yes I am messing with the word, I know it) on me...

Why not get some Haagen Daz Vanilla frozen yogurt and a few small bottles of mini M&Ms?!!

Such a simple solution.

And yes, I feel much better.

For the record, I not only posted the picture with this post but also edited it... I am on fire ;-)

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