Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome, Fall!

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." -- William Cullen Bryant

Today is the First Day of Fall... It has been a grand one too! We have been blessed with a warm 80 degree day, full of sunshine.

Here is what happened around home today...

Mom left for a work-related trip to Singapore - I don't have any pictures but that took up most of the morning.

In the afternoon, Sarah, the cats, and I lazed around. Coco ran window to window spying on squirrels, birds and sometimes Cheese Puff. While I relaxed on the couch, she came to visit and take a breather. She was kind enough to smile for the camera. Such a diva!

Unfortunately, I am sick (again! Erg!) but with more symptoms this time. I was able to scare off my cold a week or two ago and hardly noticed it. Today I am quite stuffy and runny and have a slightly scratchy throat. Hoping Cold Eeze will reduce the gunk. It did the trick last time. I love natural remedies.

Sarah and I watched some "Friends" episodes while we relaxed. This show always makes me laugh! haha We watched a few from Season 2. I love it when Chandler tells Joey, "You have to stop the Q-tip when there's resistance!"

Some of us spent the whole day wandering in the yard and lounging. This is where I found Cheese Puff in the evening. Now that is one happy smiling boy! He is so much like me, he needs the sunshine as much as possible (preferably every day!).

Our fun outdoor decorations blew gently in the breeze :)

This is something I probably won't see too much in the next few days (or who knows how long! Ahhh!). Fall is going to be showing its naughty attitude soon... yes the 'r' word is going to happen. By the 'r' word I mean liquid sunshine... Sigh. Such is life in the PNW!

The day ended with having dinner with B. We got to sit outside and enjoy our meal as the sun slid down the sky... very relaxing. Now I am home hearing the football game going on! GO WARRIORS!

Hope you had a great First Day of Fall too! What did you do?!

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