Saturday, September 24, 2011

A (Mostly Funny) Wonky Day

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Today has been one of those random days, not a bad one but just kind of "wonky" (an Angela word).

I keep thinking the weirdness started when I took my sister to an appointment, but it really started early this morning/through the night. Since Mom is gone I am sleeping in her bedroom because that is where the "kitten" sleeps and she needs company. It always feels strange to me for the first day or two to be in that room and not in my own bed. Thankfully the cat was good in the night, she did doze off and didn't bug me too much-- though she enjoys sleeping either on or right next to me. In between me adjusting multiple times, Coco resting in different places, being in a bed that is not my own, and having a stuffed up nose... it was not the most restful night. And go figure (mind you about 6AM and I got to bed around 11pm-ish), the time I am sleeping soundly Coco is ready to rise and shine (which means attacking feet!).

So I put her in the bathroom (there's a window she likes to look out in the mornings) and then go and take care of Cheese. I got up one or two times more to check on things...

Then I went back to bed...

Then it was time to get up and get going since as I mentioned before, I had to take my sis to an appointment at 10:30am. We got to the appointment all in good timing and it was all done within 40 minutes. However, my sis wasn't feeling too good this morning and was rather fainty. Poor gal, her lips went white as a sheet and her face turned an intriguing yellow color. We still aren't sure what made her feel off-kilter, but I am thankful she brought water along. And, lo and behold, I had a (natural) granola bar in my purse. Always, always keep a snack in your purse!

Rest of the morning and early afternoon was good until about 1pm... and that is when I heard a strange POP noise in the living room. At the time, I was typing on the computer and Sarah was relaxing on a couch. I had been aware that Coco was flying around the house- something outside had her attention. I wasn't totally clued into what she was doing, but she often runs around the house, not out of the norm by any means! Anyway... that POP in the living room came from one of the window screens. Turns out, Kitten had gotten so riled up she rammed against the screen and busted out of the house!! I turned and saw a blur in the front yard, something black and gray. I noticed the window screen was off and my sister and I bolted out the front door. We saw Kitten chase a squirrel across to our neighbor's yard!! She quickly turned and came back when she saw us, thank goodness... buuuut she did not make herself easy to catch. Silly 'thang' ran over near our fence- and I knew right away, she was on a hunt for something big, orange and fluffy. Sarah took over the front and I ran to the backyard to rescue my big wuv. I scooped up Cheesie (and sure enough Girl Cat was on the other side of the fence, Sarah got her in time) and took him to safety. Afterwards, of course, I put the screen on the front window. Now folks, that is why we call our kitten, Crazy. ;-)

Rest of the day was peaceful until about 5pm. I was sitting on the couch watching an "All in the Family" episode and was alarmed when I heard cats having an unpleasant conversation. My first thought was, "Kitten?! Did she get out?!" I didn't think she was in that type of mood at the time, but you never know... So again, I raced to the noise and saw Cheesie in the backyard by the zucchini. He was having an argument with a cat named Max (yes we know that is his name!). I walked carefully over to both of them and Max got nervous and turned to go up the fence. As he made an about-face to the fence, Cheese took the opportunity and smacked him on the thigh. Oh Cheese! Once Max hauled himself over the fence, Cheese came towards me and I gave him a good petting... and then left him to go chill somewhere.

To continue with this wonky day, we will go to dinner time. Being that I am trying to get over this annoying nasaly/sinusey stuff I thought chicken noodle soup would be a good option (canned unfortunately- yeah, yeah). I made it "college style" by pouring the can of soup into a bowl and heating it in the microwave (nothing like making the BPA worse, sarcasm!)... Well it was a good idea, a really good one. Until I sat down on the couch to eat it. Just as I was putting it on my lap, ever so delicately, I managed to spill a good amount of (HOT!!) broth on my inner thighs. YOWCH! I looked at my sister and was gasping, "it is HOOOOTTTT!"  I was seriously panicking, it hurt so bad!

So how did I solve the problem?!

(Mind you, I am in the living room with our big window wide open the the world)

I put the soup bowl on the coffee table and stand up to head to the bathroom... however, as I stand up I take off my PJs as my legs were stinging... so yes, I was undressing myself to the world. Oh well. Not the first time that sort of thing has happened... yes, there is a rather embarrassing church camp story of this nature from days of old (probably my most embarrassing moment!)...

Good thing is, I didn't spill hardly anything on the couch. My thighs took one for the team. ha ha Ouch.

Now we are at this point... in the evening about 8:30PM, with another episode on of "All in the Family," Coco is resting on the couch, Cheesie is outside somewhere (hopefully nearby), and I can hear a football game happening (it is jamboree day for younger Warriors- like in elem & middle school). Ahh... peace, finally.

Let's hope tonight continues as it is now...

Happy Saturday!

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